Friday, November 28, 2008

Law of Attraction: Manisfesting Troubles At The Wheels!

Ever wondered why some drivers frequently faced mishaps on the road?
Why some are so prone to car problems than others?
Why some are so reckless yet so confident?

When I had my first brand new car, a Proton Saga:
~ a public bus swerved right into my side while stationary at a red light, 4 months-old only!
~ Twice! my windscreen was shattered by flying pebbles, consecutively one after the other!
~ bumped into the rear of a Nissan Sunny when the driver applied emergency break!
~ ran over a dog that dashed in front of my car, luckily dog not harmed but my car was!

Next, I switched to a brand new Proton Wira:
~ a lorry driver purposely let his lorry glide into mine during peak hour traffic jam!
~ a youngster hastily reversed his car right into mine because he and his friends were excited over a parking!

Then changed to a brand new Proton Iswara:
~ couldn’t understand why there’s always some sort of mechanical problems …
~ subsequently discovered that the car had prior accident!
~ so CHEATED! Bought the car from an authorized dealer!

Geez! Lost all confidence in the National Car! But still couldn't afford the foreign-imports, so turned to the Second National Car, PERODUA.

Got myself a KEMBARA.
Such a under-powered 4WD …
No pickup … a PETROL-GUZZLER! However, its wonder is ...
I HAVE CONFIDENCE! … Fear not the road bullies or the reckless ...
except for BUSES & LORRIES! In some ways, I guess when you drive a 4WD, you get RESPECTED! It's the power of the sub-conscious mind.

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