Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Muar Misiput Gals at Yahoo! Group

Did you enjoy your school life? I bet most did.
I can't say that mine was an eventful one ... but despite being the chubby girl who always get teased ... I did enjoy my school life very much.

During our school days, life was so uncomplicated. We looked at everything and anything in very simple perspectives. Everything and anything was possible, they were great achievements to us! No apprehensions ... no doubts ... unbridled enthusiasms! We don't demand much of life except materialistically here and there from our parents. Isn't it nostalgic reminicsing the past carefree days?

It had been an exciting past 3 days since my schoolmate, Kwee Nah proposed to set up a Yahoo! Group for the Class of '80 from our school, SMK Convent Secondary Muar. In a jiffy, we already decided and registered the group, the "Muar Misiput Gals", all because 'Misiput' ('Mee Siput' actually) was our common favourite staple during our school years. It was the most unique flavour that all of us can relate to. Kwee Nah, being a veteran copywriter, then put in a cute little brief about the group. That was the easy part.

The challenge next will be to get in touch with everyone from the Class of '80 and send them the invite link! This was why the idea to set up the Group was mooted in the first place! Everyone is just all over everywhere! I have put a link on my blog here too, just in case, any schoolmates of mine does check out my blog. Hey, it's a small world actually.

It was fun today when I managed to call up some of my schoolmates, fully confident they have not changed or terminated the last contact I have of them. Fruitful ... it was very fruitful ... Next, we just have to wait for the news to spread like wild fire!

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That was a nice touch, creating a glitter graphics of Muar Misiput Gals. Can add that to our broup or not. Now it looks so boring leh.

You know, because both of us who are always online, we many not realise that some of our gal friends are not all that wired you know. I mean I have friends who happily share their email addresses with me, accounts they do not check even once a week. (What's the point?). Then there are others who still do not know how to chat online. Others simply do not have time to clear their inboxes.

So, my dear friend, I think we have to wait a bit. Be patient lah.

Dear Fren, the glitter graphics was generated from a ready-to-use site complete with the HTML codes. Now to put on Yahoo! Group ??? I will have to check out how first lor.

I already put lor. Sorry didn't ask your permission first. But I know you won't mind, one.

Hey there, I realise this is way too long a reply to your post but I'm trying to find my old school friends who happen to be mee siput addicts as well. U said you were class of 80? I was class of 81 (form 5). My name used to be Valerie Gideon but now its Nadia Gideon Abdullah. I would like to know if there are going to be any get togethers anytime soon. THanks and I hope to hear from u soon. My email address is