Monday, November 3, 2008

Six Ghosts of Fear #5: The Fear of Criticism

Criticism ... Do we need them? To welcome or ignore?
A friend will give constructive criticism to help us improved. An enemy will give destructive criticism to mean us harm. Can we tell them apart?

Why fuss over it? Whatever it is, good or bad ... to accept or to ignore ... to be happy or to be angry ... to be inspired or to be hurt ... it's our choice to choose. If we choose to take it negatively, we will self-sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts. On the other hand, if we take the criticisms in our stride and use them as stepping stones to improve ourselves, we should be grateful to either friend or foe.

End of the day, we cannot control what others have to say about us. It is what we feel about ourselves that's important. If we have a positive mindset about ourselves and our potential and with a clear conscience of what we are doing, no one can judge otherwise. Confidence enables us to feel at peace with ourselves. With confidence, we will be able to relate easily and openly to anyone and any surroundings, without FEAR of criticism or judgement.

To help abate my fear, I have begun practising these initial steps:
  1. Sharing positive information about myself e.g. writing this blog and sharing about it with all my friends and possibly, anyone who is keen to know me.
  2. Be kind to myself by lowering my self-expectations and allowing myself to proceed at a gentler pace at whatever I set out to do without compromising discipline.
  3. Taking care of my body with regular exercise at the gym, jogs at the park and maintaining a healthy diet.
  4. Stimulating my mind with reading, playing computer or psp games and at times, just day-dreaming.
  5. Learning to relax by being less hurried in whatever I do and compromise wherever I can.
  6. Improve my self-presentation through my fashion-sense, grooming and decision-making.
Today, I have decided to take full advantage of whatever criticism that come my way, either with good intentions or otherwise, to give myself a firm foundation of confidence. I shall reward my critics with a warm 'SMILE' and a simple 'THANK YOU' in return for turning me into a better person.

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