Friday, November 7, 2008

Six Ghosts of Fear #6: The Fear of Poverty

Do you have a fear of poverty? It is termed as 'Peniaphobia'. Does poverty necessarily frightened us? A life without dignity with deprivation to the very basic things such as food, water and shelter and the opportunity to learn and engage in employment.

"Poverty is no disgrace to a man, but it is confoundly inconvenient"
~ Sydney Smith, His Wit & Wisdom 1900

How true. It's an inconvenience which is man-made. Unless it is due to uncontrolled forces such as a powerless government or driven by cultural ignorance or due to climatic instabilities, it is within our grasp to overcome such predicament.

I know I need not fear. I live in a country where apportunities are still available for everyone. Of course, no one is ever satisfied because the grass is always greener on the side of the fence. That aside, nowadays everyone has a given chance to education. With education, comes learned decisions which determines how we manoeuvre life.

No one chooses poverty unless it chooses us. If inevitable, which I strongly believe will not happen in Malaysia, then accept it as a temporary inconvenience, a temporary setback while we use every opportunities available to regain a firm footing.

Dear Friends, we have been given that opportunity to decide how we want our life to be. Be grateful and enforce your right to protect your way of life. Economically and politically. However, please spare a little thought of those who are deprived this basic right:

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I used to worry about not having enough in my old age. But I soon realized that this was no way to live. Worrying does not solve anything. I now choose to live in joy and with every knowing that I am abundant. The Universe provides me with all that I need and intend for.