Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today, I observed this proof ...

SPM Fever is here! That's what many are calling it. It will commence on 11 November and ends on 5 December 2008.

No doubt, it's an annual affair for all schools, it is actually a nightmare for every parent who has a 17 going on to 18-year-old schoolgoing teenager. The nightmare already began more than a year before!

For non-Malaysians readers, SPM stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or the Malaysian Certificate of Education which is the equivalent of the British GCSE. It is a national examination taken by all fifth form students in Malaysia. There are minimum requirements set to obtain the certificate which provides an opportunity for the students to continue their studies to pre-university level.

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned something about Nicky's SPM examination. Well, for the past month, I can see that he has increased tremendous priority in his preparations. Of course, my expectation is higher than what he has proven. Anyhow, at this point in time, when the examination is already so close, it would be pointless to impose additional pressure on him.

Looking at him this past weeks, I am so overwhelmed by the fact that he is now almost a grown man and will soon be leaving the nest. I am glad that Ray and me have done a good enough job in raising him, despite our trepidations and his rebellions.

As a mother, it is never easy to let go of her child as they grow into adulthood. What more an only child in my case. Nicky's relatively a smart teenager who can think on his own two feet when he's on his own. I have tried giving him every chance to be self-sufficient and I can say that I am filled with a certain satisfaction knowing that he will be able to survive on his own away from home.

I have full confidence in him and strongly believe he will do us proud when he passes the SPM examination. We shall look forward with favoured anticipation when the result is released sometime in March 2009.

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