Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Went shopping today for a wireless router and a SDRAM at an IT haven in town. It's called 'Low Yat Plaza'. Walking round and round, we managed to purchase a Netgear wireless router for RM95. Its a real bargain actually because the salesperson made a mistake quoting the price. At its cheapest, it shouldn't be anything less than RM100.

Finding the SDRAM is a bigger problem. My computer is a 1st generation Pentium IV. It uses the PC-100 SDRAM which is practically obsolete. We found some recycled ones and it costs a bomb, RM180 at the cheapest. Phooey ... for a 2nd-hand part! I might as well buy a new one at RM250 which I found subsequently. In the end, I managed to buy a new one for RM195 and it comes with manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

IT technologies are moving really really fast and for a little bit IT-savvy homosapien relic like Ray, hmmm ...
... he just cannot understand why we have to pay so much for an old RAM card when the newer DDR2 cards are so much cheaper. Well, reluctantly, he paid for it. Unless he wants to pay 10x more for a new notebook I am eyeing!

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