Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Further to my earlier post today, I have tried Steve Pavlina's steps to define my own purpose in life. I didn't cry but the outcome had set me in motion to blog about Law of Attraction and my personal experiences.

I have a perceptive interest in the Law of Attraction. My ardent belief that my inner subconscious mind is a power-house that's waiting to be unleashed is my motivator. My career requires me to guide others towards self-development and motivating them to harness their potential to excel. I am grateful that my career has allowed me the opportunity to learn and to develop in this area. I decided to make these my purpose in life:

  1. To generously share my knowledge, experience and skills
  2. To guide and motivate anyone who seeks to better themselves
  3. To inspire others through self-healing, self-growth and my accomplishments
  4. To exercise charity to the needy

Dear Friends ... Thanks for following my blog and understanding my purpose in life.

As your life purpose and intentions become clearer, your life is bound to move more powerfully in the direction you want it to go. May your life become ever richer and fuller as you move with greater purpose, focus and intention through each day.

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