Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Popped into my regular bakery this morning to grab some pastries for my lunch. There she was ... this sweet young lady, I think no older than 25 ... she wasn't wearing any name tag ... I didn't thought of asking for her name either ... hey! don't think sideways alright?

Many times when I went to this bakery, I seemed to have a little bit of communication 'problemo' with the staff because they spoke mainly Mandarin. And my Mandarin ... it's HOPELESS!

Went to YMCA for Mandarin classes but ...
You see, I am one of those they called 'bananas' ... yellow skin but white on the inside!
No worry though ... I sent Nicky to a Chinese School for his primary education. Now he speaks fluent Mandarin. See the upside, I have a full-time translator engaged for life!

Anyway, back to this sweet young lady. Why she impresses me, not the the others?
  • She speaks fluent English which brought down the barrier for spontaneity.
  • She is so friendly, polite and welcoming as you enter the bakery.
  • She patiently clarifies the customers' queries eventhough it's just a loaf of bread.
  • She takes pride to explain how the pastries and bread are made and the different ingredients added.
  • She's just simply perky always!

She sets very good example of what good customer service is all about. I am sure there are many other customers equally happy with her service. Her positive attitude is just NOT a temporary display. It is her true inner energy bursting out! It's just effortless!

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