Monday, November 24, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

So many near misses for the 4D Prizes!!!

Bought: 1368~Draw: 1386~Prize: RM14000
Bought: 3666~Draw: 6366~Prize: RM14000
Bought: 8585~Draw: 9585~Prize: RM8000
Bought: 3322~Draw: 3222~Prize: RM8000
Bought: 6861~Draw: 6618~Prize: RM8000
Bought: 3666~Draw: 9666~Prize: RM600
Bought: 8631~Draw: 6831~Prize: RM600
Bought: 9891~Draw: 9821~Prize: RM400
Bought: 8585~Draw: 8855~Prize: RM400

I am so SURPRISED! All these misses within the last 2 months.
Never before did we ever had so many near-misses in such short period.
Looks like we are on the right track ... it's so EXHILARATING!
We just need PATIENCE and make more IMPROVEMENTS in ourselves!

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