Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Law of Attraction: Are You Cheating On Yourself?

Sometimes it’s fine to cheat a little. Like giving yourself a day off from the gym. Sometimes, our body do need a break to recover from all the pumping and huffing. But don’t let it run into another day or weeks. Or perhaps, a scoop of that Häagen-Dazs won’t disrupt your glucose control. But then, the truth is, a diabetic can’t do totally without sugar either. Just don’t over-indulge yourself!

So you think giving yourself a break this once won’t hurt you? Well, it will if you let it become just once too often! It’s the same with the Law of Attraction. When you give yourself a break once too often by letting negative thoughts and emotions overcome you, it’s going to hurt you. Because, with each break you give yourself, you break your habit to sustain positive thinking. Like when;

  • You stepped on the weighing scale and you grumbled for missing one day at the gym …

  • While driving, someone cuts you off in traffic and you responded angrily …

  • When you are stuck in a long queue at the food counter, you are exasperated by the delay …

So the saying goes, “Old habits die hard!” It’s not going to be easy to break those old habits, But allowing yourself to fall back to those old habits every now and then can only mean you are cheating on yourself!

If you want to start making your intentions work for you, you’ve got to start to discipline yourself. Every thought you have is working towards creating your future. Be wary of what you are bringing into your thoughts. Start thinking of your negative, unhappy thoughts like a virus, they must be killed quickly, or they’ll infect every healthy cell in your body. Stop them quickly in their tracks and turn them into something that makes you happier or feel good.

It's about time Make positive thinking a part of your life all the time. Make conscious efforts to repeat positive thoughts to a point that they become habitual. Once they are on autopilot, they will be difficult to undo by any circumstances.

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Love your style of writing its very honest and comes from within. Great job.

Hey Hayden
Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you like my writing. I hope you like the subject matters too. Do drop by again.

I do cheat on myself lately. kakakaka...
Thanks friend.

You are so right. A break here, a break there, leads to bigger problems than anticipated. I like how you refer to it as "cheating on yourself".

Wo lunaticg ...
You have! Not something detrimental, I hope.
You can still make 180 degree roundabout turn, you know! :)

Thanks, Jeanine.
Appreciate that you agree.
Sometimes it's so hard for us to admit that we do 'cheat on ourselves' every now and then.
I admit I do once too often too! So I'd better do as I preach!

I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the add.

You're most welcomed Rondi.
I know you'll do the same for me too.