Thursday, December 11, 2008

Law of Attraction: How To Tune Out The Saboteur ...

Yesterday, I wrote of self-sabotage. Are you puzzled how you could possibly be a saboteur to your own success? If you are willing to take the time and explore deep within yourselves, you may find that you still harbour limiting beliefs caused unaware by some of these buried negative thoughts and emotions:

  • Anger - Refused to let go of the past
  • Fear - Intimidated by expected changes
  • Contentment - Reluctance to move out of the comfort zone
  • Mis-interpret - Expecting your desire through your desired means
  • Impatience - Expecting instantaneous results
  • Frustration - Pre-occupied with the evidences
  • Unappreciative - Failure to see and appreciate the small improvements

With the Law of Attraction, you learn how to manifest what you want, and you do understand the mechanisms involved. In the end, you are simply sending out positive energy surrounding your desire, but you must trust the Law of Attraction to send it back to you in its time. While the Law of Attraction is orchestrating all that needs to happen, overcome your self-sabotaging habits and start investing your energy to create feel good habits. How can you tune into the flow of all good things when you still feel stuck in your old habits?

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Make peace with the past and reclaim your power over the present. Free yourself to live in the now. Tell yourself you're worth it!

  2. Set achieveable intentions - start with simple realistic ones and put in the determined actions. When actions match the intentions, there will be success!

  3. Everytime success happens, even the smallest, let yourself get a little 'high' with self-confidence. Tell yourself you deserve it!

  4. With the developed confidence, think YES, think BIG, think I CAN! Now face the challenges. Tell your fears to get lost! After a few times, you'll probably tell yourself that it wasn't that bad after all. Future challenges will be a breeze.

  5. Lots of small successes will lead to bigger ones, don't forget to be thankful for every one of them. Incorporate your progress toward feeling good.

There are more focused activities that you can do, that you can learn to do quickly, quietly and efficiently, that can help you to tune your subconscious mind into your biggest supporter.

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Thanks for the compliment.
I hope you are also a believer or practitioner of the Law of Attraction. I hope it helps.

These are great tips, How did you know I needed that. My husband recently was affected by this and now is still currently looking for a job. I try to wake up each day with a positive attitude sometimes it takes a lot. Very inspiring post. Thanks!

My husband has recently started blogging since his current lay off. I promote his blog. Feel free to stop by and check it out.

Hi Betty
I don't call it coincidence as people normally do. I believe it is the Law of Attraction that's bringing all the believers together based on the frequencies we sent out to the Universe. That's how you come to stumbled upon my blog.

I was checking out your blog during my lunch break but somehow my bandwidth in the office was too slow today. Only managed to see the Ipod set. Looks cool! Will try again later.