Sunday, December 28, 2008

Law of Attraction: Is Your Dream A Message From You To You?

Have you ever awaken from your sleep in the middle of the night and felt so frightened because you had just gone through something terribly bad? It was possibly a bad dream!

Bad dreams normally arouse the feelings of intense terror or distress. During a bad dream, you would usually come upon a threat to life or safety. Bad dreams are often linked with your emotional state. In times of great mental stress and pressures, one often has bad dreams. These anxieties, unfounded fears, self-doubts and repressed feelings need to be healed and it is your own subconsciousness that's prompting you to act on these imbalances that need attention. It is an intuitive guide from within you!

I myself have frequently had bad dreams. I once had this bad dream repeatedly over the duration of several years. It was always exactly the same as if a repeated movie scene. I would wake up in anguish and felt distresssed over the next few days. I am unable to share the details of my bad dreams but sadly, this dream manifested and made my life topsy-turvy as mentioned in my earlier post: Did my subconsciousness sent me a warning? Perhaps I could have avoided my sad predicament if I had paid attention to the message I sent to myself. No regrets, I just have to learn from it, make the best of it and move on.

According to the Law of Attraction, you attract into your life, whether good or bad, according to your thoughts and emotions. When you suffer inabilities to resolve your problems, you become vulnerable to fantasies, more inward looking and often think negatively. Thence, you send out negative vibrations and attract the like. Your dreams are your own subconsciousness calling out to you to stop your self-sabotage and act effectively towards bringing in a positive change into your life!

Just 2 nights ago, I had a terrifying dream of some ghostly voice calling out to me from my bedroom window. I awoke with fear and immediately reached out for my rosary. What's my dream telling me? For the last 2 days, I was not feeling well with bouts of diarhoea. Well, I guess I have over-indulged myself with food over the Christmas holiday. My deep submerged fear of gaining back those lost weight has creeped out to warn me ... PLEASE STOP THE BINGING!

Believe it or not, your mental and physical health largely dictates your dreams. Dreams are created by your own thinking processes. Thus it is important to understand your dreams for your best interests and healing. They might be suggesting something.

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Sometimes, the things you have done, your memory, the places you've been will also contribute to your dream. But for more superstition, some people may try to decode their dreams to some sort of vision or telling.

You are very right, Lob Eng!
Our actions and the memories we carry do trigger dreams. If it is positive actions, we carry happy memories and thus, happy dreams. If we carry some guilt or fear, the memories will trigger bad dreams. It's all in the emotions we harbour.