Sunday, December 14, 2008

Law of Attraction: Sustaining Through Recession ...

It was back in 1997. I had just left a company I've been with for the past 7 years and joined a new one. Coincidentally, I had also left the previous job after 7 years too. Noticed the peculiar attachment to the number '7'. I thought it was the '7-year itch' that made me switch jobs. Then, just 7 months into my new position, I was retrenched. Last in first out! That was the 1997 financial crisis. Not knowing what I did not know then, I rode through that crisis alittle scathed but the wiser.

Now the bells are tolling again for another global economic crisis. Do you think this is reality or someone else’s opinion? Are you one of the millions who check the papers, TV, radio or Internet daily in anticipation of the recession? Does it really have to affect you?

Let's face it! The growth or slump of the global or the regional or a nation's economy are beyond us. Let the elected statesmen or women manage it. Let' not fret over what's not inside our bowl but concentrate on how not to be distressed by the economic disposition. So, how can you consciously apply the law of attraction to sustain yourselves until the economy recovers?

Learning to apply the law of attraction confidently will greatly benefit your life. Use this law of the universe to attract the changes that can help you manage positively during the times of distress. First and foremost, unlock your subconscious mind to harness a positive outlook and send out your positive energies to the universe. Remember you want to attract what you really want into your life, so if you don’t want a recession in your life, don’t attract one by dwelling on it!

Here's some simple pointers to get you along:-

  1. Be thankful each day for all the goodness in your life at the moment and you'll be satisfied that you have enough. When you send thoughts of enough, the Law of Attraction will want to send you more.

  2. Instead of constantly thinking how the recession's going to affect you, as this will only attract the lack in your thoughts, think "I have all I need" or "My needs are enough" so that you focus on having enough.

  3. Continue your deliberate attraction for all the goodness and the Law of Attraction will unfold and orchestrate all that needs to happen to return them to you.

  4. Do not be zealous with the information you received about the impending recession. Don't complicate it but focus on the positive to look out for the opportunities when they come around.

  5. Give back at every opportunity. When the economy goes into reverse, many become more reluctant to part with any money, in case they turn out to need it themselves. But during the more difficult times, the number of those in need increases. All the more it is important for charitable giving.

There's no point to harbour fear over the effects of recession anymore. Remember, it all depends on your belief, thoughts and actions. Believe in the power of your subconscious mind. Think the right thoughts and where necessary take action to capitalise on the delivered opportunities.

"The only thing to fear is fear itself" says US President, Franklin Roosevelt for he knew that fear is a powerful emotion that attracts negative results. It is all up to you, just as it is all up to me what happens in my life.

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I have learned to just store and be prepared for recession times. You never know when things like this will happen.

Yes, it best to be prepared for any situation, good or bad. Only thing, let's not dwell on the worst far too long or often, we might just attract what we don't want.

Let's look forward and make the best of the situations. Opportunities can only be noticed when we're positive.

I am attempting to simplify my life once again (I'm 58) so 'storing up' is not on my list as much as it might have been 20 years ago. Instead I'm looking at ways to be more generous in my attitudes and to expand my role as mentor to those who might seek my guidance. I really enjoyed this post... keep up the good work!

Hi Cynthia
Thanks for sharing.

When we practise 'storing up', its like we are emphasising on a lack. "Like attract like", we will attract a constant situation of not enough.

It's definitely better to be more generous as you send out positive vibes of having more than enough plus the feel good feelings. The Law of Attraction will orchestrate to give back to you more of the good feelings you are sending out.

You're definitely on the right track! Keep it up.

Thank you Wenny-- this is such a gem of a post that I just had to return to re-read it today!