Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

In my post yesterday, I wrote about applying the Law of Attraction towards making your new year resolutions. In the past, I rarely made any resolutions, not because I was lazy or anything but because I did not find the necessity to as I was happy and contented the way things were. I thought I was so blessed with the man I love supporting me all the time and a son that's constantly creating upheavals to liven our lives with a job that I loved very much and a boss that I adored.

Then something very destructive happened to me last year (it's too personal which I am not able to share here) that turned my whole life and career upside down. My perfectly energised world collapsed. Everything was topsy turvy and I couldn't find a way out until I discovered 'The Secret'. As I delved more and more into the Law of Attraction, I realised that it is important to have clarity over what I desire out of this life. Without that clarity, I am susceptible to wander off my path towards abundance. Without that clarity, how am I to go the next level of achieving true success in life?

So it's a time now for me to reflect on the changes I want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes with immediate effect. Why wait till 1st January 2009? I'd better get going and have a head start!

1. Forgive And Forget:
It’s best to forgive and forget because thinking on the misdeeds means I have not forgiven completely. I vow to Move Forward! Look to the future and be thankful that I am stronger from it all. This experience of forgiveness can be therapeutic!

2. Enjoy My Life:
Given the hectic and stressful lifestyles of modern living, I shall be a little selfish to ensure a happier and healthier me! Apart from our usual clubbing nights, I am already discussing with hubby to include watching theater performances and the philharmonic concerts. I intend to try hydro-therapy at the local wellness centre to bring a balance to my body, mind and soul! Work shouldn't always come first!

3. Spend more time with family and friends:
I vow to appreciate my loved ones and spend more time with family and friends. I will make plans to meet up with friends, go on family excursions and get-togethers. With the 'Muar Misiput Gals' group already under way, long lost friends shall become regulars!

4. Health and Fitness:
I vow to make my regular trips to the gym more enjoyable as I increase my fitness and longevity. I know the exercises keep me healthy and my diabetes in check. Mostly importantly, I feel and look good! Weight loss target ... 6 kgs!

5. Join In The Workplace:
Until it becomes the right time for my retirement before my 46th birthday, I vow to remain engaged in my work with less tenacity. I vow to be a little more open and interact with fellow colleagues. I shall even bless them with my lustrous pearls of wisdom!

6. Improve My Financial Health:
Getting a handle of the Law of Attraction, I am thankful for all the financing I've received and I vow to reduce if not all my debts. I intend to generate my first quality income through my blog on the Internet. I envision a life of plentiful with the RM20 million Jackpot!

7. Try Something New:
I vow to try something new and I am looking forward to conquer Mt. Kinabalu in February 2009. I aimed to reach the summit and enjoy that enormous victorious feeling. It's definitely different!

8. Charity Through Gratitude:
Gratitude shall not suffice unless I put forth the action to give. I vow to make the space in my heart and roll with action for those less fortunate than me. It applies all year round!

Wrapping up 2008, it's been a trying year but I know I have wrest over the controls. I have made marked improvements over my thoughts, emotions and health. I still have alot to change for the better towards receiving the infinite abundance.

Friends, thanks for taking time out to read my resolutions.
I believe it's time for you to start on yours!

"Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution
long after the excitement of the moment has passed"

- Cavett Robert

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