Friday, December 5, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Guess my friend here says it all ...
It's the weekend again!
Time to chill out!
Clubbing! Shopping! Movies! Eat! Sleep!
Next 48 hours ...

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Nice clean blog but it is much better if you have a white background in your text post with gray text because it is easier to read. And you can download some free theme in your design.

finally. the weekends are always a great time to just relax. I hope you have a good, fun weekend full of adventure :)

Hi John
Thanks for your input on the design.
I kinda like the green background cos' it is soothing and calm. Anyway, I'll try-out with a white background and feel the difference. Thanks.

Hi Jessica
Thank you, you're so sweet.
You too, happy a great weekend!
Come Monday,hope to read a new entry on your blog.