Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Wow! A tiring day... my feet aches and I can't wait to get to bed.
While I'm very sleepy right now, I still want to share this.

It's a proud day for Ray and me. At 11.00 this morning, we sent Nicky to Carrefour for his first day's work as a promoter. It's not that he had never work before for his own pocket-money. He did his own business washing cars around the neighbourhood when he was 14. Then he waited tables at the neighbour restaurants last year. But this time, I believe the job will allow him more exposure to life experiences.

While waiting for him, Ray and me spend the whole day at Sunway Pyramid ... walking and walking and walking ... of course it's not just window-shopping, luckily ... buy buy buy ... munch munch munch ... then walk walk walk some more ... Tired? Definitely! We were just wandering how we are going to reach Mt. Kinabalu summit come February.

Nicky finished work almost 10 pm. We discussed his first day over our late dinner. No doubt he was tired but he seemed so discouraged. He complained about the lack of customers at the supermarket, eventhough it's a weekend and his encounter with some insensitive customers. We listened and we advised him to just hang-in there and take every bit of the experience as an eye-opener. I had to remind him ...

"Good or bad the way things turned out, it's all in our mind.
If we think it's bad, it's bad.
If we think it's good, it's going to be good.
If it's bad and cannot be undone, find an alternative to get out.
Don't sulk and whine, be PROACTIVE!"

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