Friday, December 12, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Many people do not realise that they are self-sabotaging themselves. They believe that if they can shut out the miserable part of their life and focus on the good one, they are happy. WRONG! They are so wrong. You can't send out positive vibes to attract goodness when deep down inside you carry an unwanted baggage. You can't truly feel good when you have not truly expel all the bad thoughts and emotions.

I've a colleague who faced a domestic inquiry a few months ago. I'm not going into details about the inquiry but the fact that she's my colleague should suffice to know the outcome. She was a young lady with a very strong character. A good trait to a certain extent but she can be a real pain otherwise. The inquiry has left her a bitter and negative person. I can't blame her for all the anger inside while also feeling obscure at the same time. She had such a bright future in the organisation, but whether it had been her own fault or otherwise, her career has come to a standstill, unless she reclaim control.

It is so common for people to say, "time heals". It can only be true if we choose to allow it to happen. By allowing means we tell ourselves to move on. As I've mentioned in my previous entry, make peace with the past and free ourselves to live in the now. Holding on to the past do not benefit anyone and only affect ourselves. "Like attract like".

I feel sad for her because she has chosen not to move on. She has been reassigned to a new role with different responsibilities. She may not like the type of responsibilities but the choice is not up to her in our organisation ...

Paris Is Free ... To me, she has 2 options within her grasp:

  1. Choose a fresh start in a new organisation with a job function of her choice; or

  2. Choose to prove her capability in her new capacity, if not BETTER!

Friends, what would be your choice if you're in the same predicament? If she chooses to remain in the organisation, what's your advice for her? Please feel free to contribute your comments.

1 Bubbles:

Whether or not she joins a new organization or not, she needs to deal with the negative feelings first. If she joins another firm without resolving the root cause of her issues, she will be carrying it to her new workplace.

Time may appear to heal but the imprint that was caused by the negative event still lie in her subconscious. It may be the stuff that will keep her in self sabotage, like you've pointed out!