Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

I so want to beat myself up now!Club
I failed ... I failed ...
I succumbed to temptations!
Thumbs DownArghhhhhh!!!
Talk about self-sabotage!
Had a sumptious lunch with my friends, Jess and Lynn today.
Oh noooooo!!! Broke my diet!
Supposed to have something light ... couldn't resist the temptation!
That "Mee Rebus"!
Treadmill Now I have to sweat and pant my head off to burn off those carbo!

Well as I was mentioning, met up with my friends over lunch today. While it had been wonderful exchanging the latest in-things with each other, I failed so miserably later when we got into talking about the workplace and colleagues. How could I fell into my own trap? Those dastardly acts called bad-mouthing and gossips! No wonder there's this saying "Old habits die hard".

Well, no point beating myself up anyway. The fact that I continue to be vocal negatively about the workplace clearly meant I still have unresolved issues. I have not move on! It is without doubt that I must reassess and ask myself:
  • why am I still unhappy at the workplace?
  • what are the issues still bugging me?
  • are these issues of my own doing?
  • how can I remove these discontentments?

I guess I'd better self-interrogate immediately before I continue to self-sabotage further. As Ralph Waldo Emerson nicely put it, "Go put your creed into your deed."

2 Bubbles:

Don't feel bad you're only human. This is going to happen. Don't be to hard on yourself. I currently have the same problems with my work & the people at my work. Trying to hang, God knows I neede job right now. Loved the smileys!

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Oh Betty,
Thanks for the understanding and support.
However, I still need to work on my undesirable habits. They are better not to have. Life would be alot more happier if I can replace them with the positive ones.