Friday, December 19, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

It's time again for the annual brainstorming session at my workplace. It's when my CEO gathers all the managers to his 'round table' ... 'King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table'. 'Tis time to put all the heads together to evaluate, plan and strategise for another year. It's going to be another 5-6 hours of post-mortem, SWOT analysis and forecasts. It's all about $$$ and cents.

The Law of Attraction is always working. How can we activate the Law of Attraction for the business' success? How do we get it to work in our favour and "transform the business into a powerful magnet to attract the perfect customers and employees?"
Thumbs UpI do hope 'King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table' stumble upon this blog to prod them along.

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I love brainstorming, thoughi it for me is more fun on a creative or art project, maybe a blog, and hard to get folks to participate when Dancing With The Stars is also on...
Robot Nine

It'll astound you when you discover the power you hold over your life through the Law of Attraction. That's why I would love to brainstorm on the Law of Attraction or the Power of our Subconscious Mind. "Inside My Bubble Today" is a great platform to start with.