Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Marketing is communication. So, marketing events have the single-minded goal to help the company connect with the eyes and ears of the customers. It is a platform for the customers to have a solid understanding of our products, to discuss the market trend, for the company to communicate its business direction, and also to socialise with the valued customers.
My employer held a 9-Ball Pool CompetitionBilliards
today for the second year in a row. All customers were invited to participate while some us employees were encouraged to participate and join in the fun. I could see that the competition were male dominant as there were only a handful of female participants, me being one of them. Is pool a man's game? The response was better than last year as there were more skilled players in the midst. There was also plenty of food and beer. This year's event is definitely a success again as the revelry could be heard from miles away. Everything ran smoothly, well organised and most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves. I'm sure everyone's looking forward to next year's and I'm pretty sure the competition is going to be harder!

Couldn't post any pictures yet as the cameraman's Snappya little bit shy of the computer. He clicks but we will have to download the photos for him on Monday.

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Sounds like you had a blast!

Not too bad ...
Managed to win one round of the game for such a greenhorn. The greatest part wasn't so much in the game but we made new friends.

sounds like a great idea... do you actually have a pool table in your place of work or did you host the pool party somewhere else? I truly love working at home, but I DO sometimes miss the comradery of the workplace, especially at this time of the year... I miss the fun (but not all the slogging with other people's priorities and the non-productive elements of working a set number of hours in a day, etc... building in some "getting out and doing fun things with people" into my home biz is a great project for the New Year!

Hi Cynthia
We do have a pool table at the workplace, courtesy from our CEO, for the staff to destress during breaks. The pool competition was actually held at a pool hall and we took up half of the premises for the event.

Work aside, it is always fun if all our colleagues could get together for some activities like bowling, badminton, futsal or even just a nite out for drinks.

We have a staff recreation club in our organisation too. I'm looking forward to the final get-together for 2008. Should be in pipes soon ... need to push the committee in charge!