Monday, December 29, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

This morning, I posted a couple of questions to Ray ...

  • "If someone bought a product or engaged a service but failed to pay when due, is it cheating?"

  • "If that someone failed to pay and after a threat of legal actions, negotiated payment at a much lesser amount, is it still cheating?"

A contract of sale involves one party who agreed to provide the product or service and another party who agreed to receive the same at an agreed value, payable at the end of an agreed period. Failure to pay as agreed and subsequent payment made at lesser amount, irrespective mutually agreed or not, in my opinion, tantamount to CHEATING!

Friends, do you agree?
What's your opinion?

Oddly this evening, the issue of cheating arised again. Ray, Nicky and myself was out for dinner at this new steamboat shop in Bukit Tinggi, Klang. After selecting the menu, I had specifically requested the waiter for small portions which he duly acknowledged aloud. When the food arrived, we found them to be of generous portions and struggled to finished our dinner. To our surprise, when the bill came, we were charged for large portions. We paid the bill followed by some complaints, no doubt!

We were not angry though but were rather tickled by the waiter's lack of common sense! There were only 3 of us. So, a steamboat for 2 persons with added 4 small side dishes would have sufficed. After all the laughing, it suddenly crossed our minds ... was the waiter trying to cheat us?

SneakyWhen we first arrived at the restaurant, the waiter kept recommending expensive dishes which we turned down. We just wanted a normal steamboat meal, nothing elaborate. Perhaps, every which way possible to get us to spend on a hefty dinner!

Today, being a public holiday, the daily newspaper in our neighbourhood would normally be sold out by the time we are awake, NOON! On the way back from dinner, Ray, adamant and in his last bid to get a copy for his read, went into a Petronas petrol station to find one. None on the rack but the cashier pulled out a copy from under the register. He happily paid for it without checking. At home, he found it to be yesterday's newspaper, with cut-outs inside!


4 Bubbles:

gosh the newspaper, that was rude. well some would try to cheat or deceived us in many ways and/or in different ways. things happen!

the law of attraction will do it's way back after all. some sort of "karma".

let's just try to be good or nice!

The Waiter, well.......I guess it's only the Supreme being that can tell if he cheated or not..Nevertheless, you all acted well.

For the Newspaper, you were wrong. U know why? U did not go back to arrest that guy...Ohh my gosh...he must have cheated a lot of people and its your responsibility to ensure that such people are exposed.


That's right, Diamondmum.
No point for us to fight fire with fire!
It gets us no where. Like our Chinese saying; "The sky got eyes!" So what goes around will come around, if there is malice in the heart!

Hi SolutionIdea Consort,
You are right! Let's leave it to the Supreme Being to decide.

Anyway, it's just a small matter with the newspaper. Don't find it necessary to make a fuss out of it, just wanted to poke fun at hubby only. It was ignorance on my hubby's part not to check the date of the newspaper and perhaps the cashier had good intention in the first place, she just did not realised her own mistake either!