Thursday, December 25, 2008

What's Christmas To You?

Christmas is one of the most popular holy days on the Christian calendar which honours the birth of Jesus, and is observed by most Christian churches throughout the world. Christmas is the reflection of faith and togetherness which we've so easily forgetten with the priorities of our daily activities. It reminds us of our greater purpose in the Light of God's Will. It is a joyous time for all Christians as they give thanks to God for His infinite love and mercy.

Many ancient Christmas customs have survived to this day. Decorations of evergreen wreaths, holly and mistletoe, along with Christmas trees, are found in many homes during the season. Colored lights and candles are often displayed. Christmas gift exchanges fuel the children's excitement. Their eyes light up at the mention of Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated in the churches with services that often include candlelight vigils, plays re-enacting the Nativity and hymns sung by children. Ceremonies on Christmas Day include masses, special readings from the bible and elaborate hymns and carols. Many churches are decorated with candles, greenery, and nativity scenes.

The fact that Christmas comes toward the end of the year gives the season a special meaning and a kind of closure to things. The spirit of hope mixed with a genuine sense of goodwill. The struggles of the year gone by culminate in this one week leading up the New Year, when everything is forgotten and people come together in the greater interest of Peace on Earth.

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For me. Christmas is Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and Holy Mass.

Have a happy holidays!

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to u and your family. :P

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