Saturday, January 31, 2009

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I was just thinking about gratitude today when I was feeling down! I had to remind myself of the things that I DO have now that I am so grateful for!

Have you heard of that saying about "I was sad because I had no shoes on my feet until I met a man with no feet!" That saying always reminds me of the things that I should be grateful for that I have right now!

Thank you for lifting my mood!

Hi Angelwitch

It's great to have you drop by again. It's been awhile.

I will always remember what my late 2nd brother said to me once, when I was in my teens;
"Remember, there is always someone who is a little worst off than you. So be grateful you have what you have today."

Gratitude is one of the greatest things we can have. It has the ability to make every other aspect of our lives all the better for having it. Nice post.

very inspiring. blog layout too cool.

You are so right, Eric.
If we cannot humble ourselves to appreciate all the things that has and is happening around us, we can never be satisfied and happy.
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Jabaz
Thanks for your kind compliment.