Thursday, January 29, 2009

Law of Attraction: Create A Positive Mindset ...

Today’s the 4th day into the Chinese Lunar New Year. I’ve decided not travel anywhere out of the city. How wonderful that my kins are also all within the city limits. All the numerous traffic snarls I got into over the past years on the highway heading back into the city … phooey! … not this year.

This exodus back to the respective hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New Year with family and loved ones is one of the most significant traditions to be observed amongst the Chinese, young and old. Another significant age old tradition is the greeting ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai!’ which literally means ‘Congratulations For Achieving Wealth’ in Mandarin. It’s greeted by everyone and to anyone they meet irrespective of their social and financial standings. In our multi-racial Malaysia, even the non-Chinese have come to engage this greeting.

With sincerity at heart, this 4-power-words greeting works magic. It resonates strong positive vibrations and affects the person on the receiving end. This is one of the areas the Chinese have subtly instill the phenomenal Law of Attraction. So, how has the Chinese managed from this magical greeting?

1. Mindset About Money
Any Chinese greeting or are greeted by another will have these 4 power-words embedded in their mind repeatedly. As the Chinese has often been associated with being money-minded, they are not shy of it at all. They maintained a very positive mindset about money. As a person who likes money and have a positive view about money, like attracts like, that person will attract money to him/her. They will attract money making opportunities and form habits to make more money in life.

2. Positive Mindset
Along with ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’, the Chinese further wishes others more prosperity, more happiness, great health and more success in whatever they will be undertaking for the rest of the year. These allow them to form and maintain positive mindset all the time. Negative words or expressions are prohibited especially during the festivity.

The Chinese also have a variety of food which they give beautiful names to promote good luck and a long life. These elegant names raises the attractiveness of the food while stimulating the appetites. At the end, it makes the diners happy that resonates positive thoughts and feelings to send out waves of strong vibrations to the universe.

3. Generosity
Greeting one another on this auspicious festivity is a form of generosity. In the most sincere expression, it’s a generosity of well-wishes and good intentions. This is just one of the outcome of being humble and grateful for ones’ current successes in life.

Dear friends and readers …
Even if you are not a Chinese, there is no stopping you from emulating them. The Law of Attraction is for everyone, just as the air we breathe. Use it and use it wisely to create a positive mindset towards whatever you want. Be appreciative of whatever you’ve already achieved in your life and allow the universe to orchestrate more abundance your way. Take full advantage of this auspicious period and set your visions for change.


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What a wonderful example of the use of positive affirmations. They work for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Dick Ingersoll

Hi Dick, in order for the Law of Attraction to work, we need to always remain positive. Optimism breeds feel good energies. Appreciate your valued comments. Thanks.

Wow, Wenny, am I glad I found your blog! You taught me some things I didn't know today, but more importantly, you've reminded me of some things I did know. Beautiful post, amazing blog. You've got a new follower! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year, Wenny!

I'm so glad to have "discovered" you through BlogCatalog. And what serendipity it truly is to read your posts on the Law of Attraction -- I'm starting a series of articles about it on the French side of my website (I blog in both English and French).

It will be most interesting to follow your views and to add your beautiful Chinese philosophy/spirituality/culture to the mix. Keep spreading the good news... positive attitudes will not only bring abundance, but peace on Earth too. Woo hoo!!

Hugs & Love
Mudd a.k.a. Happy Oza :-)

Hi Angie
I'm so happy that you like my post. It is my ardent hope that the knowledge and experience I share thru my blog could serve some usefulness to others across the globe. Anyway, unless we share our knowledge, we will never grow. Thanks for following too.

Thanks Oza for your comments.

I'm glad I could contribute to your website. The world is growing smaller and smaller with the amazing development in technologies. It allows many of us to find and stay in touch with each other so easily across the continents.

Let's use this avenue to spread kindness, love, peace, happiness and success to as far as the deepest corners it could reach.

I know from experience that what goes around comes around. Nobody can escape the laws of attraction. Excellent post!