Saturday, January 3, 2009

Law of Attraction: It's A Battle Ground Within ...

I am a supporter of the Law of Attraction. Its effects of changing people's lives are far-reaching and definitely worth supporting for. People, like myself, have become more focused and optimistic in life when we start to believe and practise the law of attraction.

Ever since my first encounter with 'The Secret', many would have asked me “How’s life with the Law of Attraction now?” In fact, I would have already asked myself umpteen times, “Am I manifesting the ideal life that I wanted so much?” Definitely, not as smooth and fast as I would have wanted as mentioned by those LOA gurus or experts.

Well, the good news is, despite the controversies surrounding the Law of Attraction, it is not a fraud and is still working its magic on me right now. The bad news is, I am probably not performing the creative process correctly, as 90% of believers out there are doing too.

According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like and complementary energy. Whatever energy vibes we put out into the world, it will eventually attract similar and complementary energy vibrations back to us. In other words, we are like a mirror. We put it out, we get it back. We are the cause and effect in action.

Selfish and cruel behavior attracts the same in return, while goodness and altruistic behavior attracts similar energies. Through the Law of Attraction , we learn to attract what we want into our life by first living it in our aura (please refer to my earlier post: If we want to be loved, we have to give out love. If we want to be treated well, we have to treat ourselves and others well too. Our energy directs our actions and will draw to us exactly what matches our energy.

However, as with all beginners of the Law of Attraction, Good Vs Evilwe face constant battle within ourselves; “No, I can’t” and “Yes, I can”. It is quite tiring to battle within ourselves constantly, trying to shake-off these pesky old habits.

What we resist, we become. We carry an energy pattern of what we resist in our energy body. It acts like a magnet attracting what we resist. By trying to shield out what we resist, this energy pattern pulls and then pushes what we resist automatically. The pull and push often creates a silent battle within ourselves. It is like the electromagnetism of energy. In such circumstance, our entire physical body will tighten up with resistance. In an extreme case, the energy in our aura will flatten and stiffen, creating an atmosphere of rebellion around us. Everything will irritate us because it sticks to us, according to the Law of Attraction. Therefore what we resist persists.

So remember, as I have to remind myself too, we are the master of our own aura. No one else lives in our body except us. No one else thinks, sleeps, eats, or feels in our body. It is our temple, our kingdom. No one else has the right to manipulate or govern us. The final decision about everything we do is completely up to us! We must take complete responsibility for our own energy. Family and friends can help us, but only we can change or use our own energy.

The same is true with other people's energy. We can give them help and assistance, but we cannot do it for them. When we use our energy for the good of all, our energy is aligned with vibrations of energy reflective of great spiritual maturity. Using our energy the right way, that’s the path towards appreciation and gratitude!

When our thoughts, feelings, and ethics are strong and pure, our energy will become balanced with the Universe. We become One with the Infinite Being. Our energy will continue to run at these high vibrations and continually attract thoughts and feelings that are of the same high order.
Oscar Red Carpet 1 We have won the battle within!

By then, I am sure you, me and the 90% of believers out there, would be manifesting the ideal life that we wanted so much. If not umpteen folds!


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Hi Wenny,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was curious as you mentioned this "Law of Attraction." The Bible tells me that when I accept what Jesus did for me on the cross, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of me, and He will guide me into all truth...that's in John 14.

God bless you!

I too believe in Jesus and that the Holy Spirit lives in me. 'Law of Attraction' is just a platform that God has provided for me to live according his righteous path. He is the Infinite Being.