Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Law of Attraction: Repel The Negative Attract The Positive ...

Our brain has long been conditioned to expect the worst of things to happen. It has yet to happen but in our mind, it is already as real as the truth or future can be. When we expect to fail, we tend to take all the actions that are aligned with our expectations. At the end of it, these negative expectations can drive us crazy, stressed up, depressed or frustrated in life.

The same goes when working with the Law of Attraction. We may feel frustrated or in doubt when things are not working out exactly as we have envisioned. It is therefore no surprise for many to “give up” before their manifestations come to fruition.

Experiencing these negative thoughts from time to time is normal. But getting too engrossed or carried away with them can result in a build-up of negative emotions. Combining negative thoughts and emotions, we generate negative energies that become a magnet, attracting all the dreaded things into our life. So how do we deal with these negative feelings?

Let’s not forget about the Law of Gestation, a natural process of the universe. There is a time for everything and a season for every changes under the sun. A baby takes 9 months to come to full term. A fertilized chicken egg takes about 21 days to hatch. Diamonds take ages to form and so on. Try a short cut to this process and we’ll fall short of perfection. That’s a reality!

So, if we have placed an order for our dreams or desires, take heed to trust that they will have to undergo a gestational period before manifestations. More importantly, allow ourselves to remain open to receive our orders when it comes knocking on our door!

In the meantime, let’s try a breathing exercise to help us release any pent-up negative feelings and shift back into the positive. Breathing is a great process to remove the negative feelings out of ourselves. Before starting, we need to remove ourselves from any distractions surrounding us. Retreating to a quiet room and rest comfortably will likely help to relax us. To begin;
  • Close our eyes and take calm, slow breaths.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly, focusing our attention on the rhythm of our breathing.
  • When we are able to lock-out our surrounding, allow the negative thoughts and emotions back into our mind.
  • Acknowledge that these negative feelings are normal but will serve no purpose for us if they continue. Release and let them flow away with every exhale.
  • Continue to breathe in.
  • Remaining calm and in control of all those negative feelings will allow the feelings of empowerment, gratitude, and love to overwhelm us.
  • As these positive feelings expand and radiate throughout our body, continue visualizing our dreams or desires until we can see and feel as if we are basking in our successful manifestations.
  • When ready, open our eyes and enjoy an enormous feeling of peace.
Hippie 1 Now, we are on our way to generate the positive energies to attract all the things that are more in alignment with our vision and what we want!

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Hi Wenny- Here's a positive thought for you. You DID NOT miss the Robot Nine Picture Puzzle. The new one is tomorrow the 7th of January!

You see Alan,
The Law of Attraction works!
It has moved and coordinated the energies in the universe, brought you, me and all our readers together. Whatever the reasons, it continued to lay the possibility for me to participate in your Robot Nine Picture Puzzle!