Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Here's a REMINDER to myself, my new resolutions:

1. Forgive And Forget: It’s best to forgive and forget because thinking on the misdeeds means I have not forgiven completely. I vow to Move Forward! Look to the future and be thankful that I am stronger from it all. This experience of forgiveness can be therapeutic!

2. Enjoy My Life: Given the hectic and stressful lifestyles of modern living, I shall be a little selfish to ensure a happier and healthier me! Apart from our usual clubbing nights, I am already discussing with hubby to include watching theater performances and the philharmonic concerts. I intend to try hydro-therapy at the local wellness centre to bring a balance to my body, mind and soul! Work shouldn't always come first!

3. Spend more time with family and friends: I vow to appreciate my loved ones and spend more time with family and friends. I will make plans to meet up with friends, go on family excursions and get-togethers. With the 'Muar Misiput Gals' group already under way, long lost friends shall become regulars!

4. Health and Fitness: I vow to make my regular trips to the gym more enjoyable as I increase my fitness and longevity. I know the exercises keep me healthy and my diabetes in check. Mostly importantly, I feel and look good! Weight loss target ... 6 kgs!

5. Join In The Workplace: Until it becomes the right time for my retirement before my 46th birthday, I vow to remain engaged in my work with less tenacity. I vow to be a little more open and interact with fellow colleagues. I shall even bless them with my lustrous pearls of wisdom!

6. Improve My Financial Health: Getting a handle of the Law of Attraction, I am thankful for all the financing I've received and I vow to reduce if not all my debts. I intend to generate my first quality income through my blog on the Internet. I envision a life of plentiful with the RM20 million Jackpot!

7. Try Something New: I vow to try something new and I am looking forward to conquer Mt. Kinabalu in February 2009. I aimed to reach the summit and enjoy that enormous victorious feeling. It's definitely different!

8. Charity Through Gratitude: Gratitude shall not suffice unless I put forth the action to give. I vow to make the space in my heart and roll with action for those less fortunate than me. It applies all year round!

I know I still have alot to change for the better towards receiving the infinite abundance. But most importantly, I have clarity over which direction I wish to journey for 2009!

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Hi.. there's a nice to-do list in this new year
It's great to see everyone have their own commitments to do in this year so we all can improve ourselves each year..
Happy New year!

Haha. This is good. I also have to-do list. Yours is awesome good luck in achieving it!

Wow, beautiful blog! I am grateful to have found it. I'm sure I will enjoy following your writings. Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for your kind comments.

Happy New year!!!
Wishing you many blessings in 2009!
Loved your list, Sounds a lot like mine. They do say great minds think alike ;)

Hahaha ... Oh Betty,
What would the world be without Us?! :)