Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Is it possible to be a parent and still be a friend to our child?

Yes, every parent knows that they are accountable for their child’s developments. Our child will always look up to us for guidance and we will always be their role model, whether our child wants to admit it or not. Because of this, most parents have been advised to remain as an authority figure to ensure structure and boundaries. But why this forced dichotomy? Why can’t we be both?

I have an only child, Nick who will turn 18 this May. I must admit that I have always been a parent first and a friend later. Nick would probably attest to all the canings he received for not living up to expectations or exceeding the enforced limitations. To me, it is very important to know where to draw the line between parent and friend. As an authority figure, I decide (with Ray, of course) what are the priorities for him, the whole family and for myself too. I decide what are the battles, define them clearly and set the expectations.

However, what is OK or more than OK, is to have a parent-child relationship with a strong friendship dynamic as well. Ever since Nick was born, I had always hoped, looked forward and visualized Nick and me to be the best of friends when he’s older. Today, we can talk just about anything under the sun. We even share our opinions about GIRLS! These are moments when we are most connected, and I feel so blessed whenever he exclaimed, “Man, where got people’s mummy like you, one!” … well, that’s how he appreciates me as a friend.

On New Year’s eve, the 3 of us went clubbing together, celebrating and welcoming the new year. It was a whole new experience for Nick. Well, he went tipsy after a couple of drinks, so we went home by 1.00 am after the countdown.

Isn't this proof enough that the Law of Attraction works?!


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wow-- you don't look like a Mama to an 18-year old -- you look about that yourself in these pictures! Must have been fun to go out together on New Year's Eve.

Cute that your son expresses his appreciation for your love, interest and approachability.

Have a great 2009, my friend! Are you on Facebook or Twitter? I'm Cynthia Zirkwitz on FB and healthiacynthia on Twitter...

Wow! Your such a nice mum! cool!:-) Just like my mum she's a best friend and a mother to me. Yes, true just draw the limit and set boundaries:-)

I will also do the same with my kids just like you and my mum.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Thank you for your compliment ...
It made my day today.
Cheerio ...

Hi Diamondmum
Thanks for the support.
I am sure you'll make a great mum too in your own way. Be comfortable with the way that suits both you and your hubby. Emulate the good ones and be creative in your own too.