Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Do you believe in the saying, "What goes around comes around"? No ... it's not the Justin Timberlake song, please.

Simply said, we get what we give. What we do to others will eventually be done to us. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, we already know that what we think about most is what we attract to ourselves in response to the positive or negative energies created. So does what we do because we are the cause and effect in action. It doesn’t come back to us in it’s full form immediately, but the energy we’ve put out, creates its ‘reaction’ immediately.


I am a HR professional in my organisation. HR is a people-driven area of the business and may frequently be required to carry out the most difficult tasks in the organisation. In fact, I am so often a henchman for the chief executive officer, acting on instructions to cut benefits, hack at payroll or looking for avenues to downsize the organisation. Positioned in the "fishbowl" within the organisation, I set a higher standard for myself and have to be a stickler for rules. This creates a whole lot of animosities and most of my colleagues would definitely have many means things to say about me. Believing it as part of the job, I guess I do become over-critical and judgemental towards my peers and subordinates in the quests for uniformity and perfection.
Rolling Eyes
Importantly, we must realised that "no one is indispensable" in any organisation. With the looming economic crisis, some organisations have to take prudent steps to restructure themselves in a bid to stay buoyant . However, there are also those who use this crisis as an avenue to do a clean-up in their organisation to rid the higher paying executives.

Sadly, there have been a few lay-offs in my organisation lately and I know I may soon suffer the same fate as my peers who had been let-off despite their past valued contributions to the organisation.


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Its true, no one is indispensible. It depend on which side we stand. Sad news for employees, but good news for emplyers. The more you cut, the more profit you can earn.

Stephen, I beg to differ.
Even if we stand on the employer's side, we are still an employee. Unless we have a share in the company, no one is safe except the owner and shareholders.

No doubt, the labour law in the country protects us from employer's bullying but the onus is on employees to find out their full rights and dare to stand up to fight for them or else the law to wouldn't really be beneficial to anyone. Sadly, most of the time, employees do not know the extent of their rights.

Hi Wenny,
It's our first visit to your site. We came over from Angie's blog (In Pursuit of Fulfillment). It's a pleasure to meet like-minded people! :-) We love your "About Me" and look forward to getting to know you.

As for your post, working in HR can be difficult through our current economic times. You sort of get stuck in the middle of things. You want to give, but your giving in the workplace is limited to what the company has to say about it. If "we get what we give", according to the LOA, then look for opportunites outside of work to give back. You sound like a happy, energetic, and fun-loving person! We're sure there are others out there who'd love for you to share your spirit. This way your focus and energies are on more positive situations than our current economy. Everyone will benefit from this! That's what makes it beautiful!! Tell us what you think.

Many Blessings....
Roxanne and Hugo
~ Believe Achieve ~

Hi Roxanne & Hugo,
I am so happy to hear from you. Thank you for your kind compliments. I used to be a very uptight person (stickler for rules, you see) but nevertheless, I enjoyed my job very much.

However, eversince I found LOA, I have learnt and am still learning to overcome myself, to be a more flexible, relaxed and happy person.
Right now, my one desire is to retire by the time I am 46 and I am working on opportunities towards that. In the meantime, the current workplace will be a good test site for me to practise as I preached.

I look forward to visiting your blog soon and as our friendship bloom, we can also continue to enlighten each other.

Thank you once again. All my best wishes!


Your post is so true. I guess this recession has hit everywhere not just here in the US. It's sad. I hope you don't lose your job.

Thank you very much, Cascia, for your kind concern.

I hope it will never come to that too, loosing my job. Anyhow, I choose not to be affected by it. I'll continue to put my best foot forward on the job and maintain my unwavering loyalty to the organisation. If it does happen and despite my positive outlook, I'm pretty sure it's the law of attraction weaving and unfolding the opportunities for me.