Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Ahhhhh ...
Nick's going to college soon ...

I'm all mixed-up inside ...
I'm excited that he's all grown up, but ...
I'm also worried about him and I'm sad too that he'll be leaving the nest soon, slowly but surely. It's just maternal instinct to be worried. So, as often as I possibly can, I kept a mind movie replaying in my mind ... Nick, all handsome and matured ... all power-dressed with a successful career. On top of that, with a beautiful girlfriend in tow.

Yesterday, we all went to an Education Fair to check out the various courses available locally. There were many colleges participating in the fair. Many visitors thronged the more established institutions such as Taylor's College, Inti College, Help Institute, One Academy and Lim Kok Wing's. Nick has decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing.

Well, I must admit, he has made a well-thought choice. I would have preferred him to pursue an IT degree, but then, I must not forget that priority should be given to his interest, not mine. The next headache now, is to figure out which college he will be undertaking his academic pursuit. So many factors to consider ... cost, distance, college reputation, accreditation ....


9 Bubbles:

Your are absolutely correct the die hard and attitude and the interest of a person will bring to him to greater heights in his life... Your blog gr8

Nick is so lucky to have you to do all the research together.. Business Admin and Marketing is great.. Although I always think that I don't like marketing and thus I choose Accounting, but now i'm doing internet marketing.. Haa.. so life is always unexpected. =)

Thanks Vendatta.
It's true, with die hard attitude and interest, a person can go to greater heights in their life. I hope Nick realises this too.

Thanks for your compliment, Moon.
You took up Accounting but end-up doing and enjoying Marketing. That's what I'm worried for Nick too. I'm afraid that he might pursue a degree that he will not end-up pursuing as a career. However, on a positive note, any academic pursuits are always worthwhile.

Tweedly-doo ...

Hi Wenny!

wreading your post reminds me of my discussion with my mum 12years ago when she wanted me to get nursing degree, men all of my relatives wants me to take that course and I was able to convince her that I should get Psychology course since it's my interest. good that you allow your son to get what he wants. cheers!

all the best for your son and of course to you and husband!

Hi Wenny!
I have two daughters 11 and 5.
I don’t know how to stop them from growing up.
They grow up so fast! It is not fair.
I can’t even imagine them going to college away from home and I.
Does having a boy makes it easier?

Hi Diamondmum
Thank you for your well wishes.
Yeah, sometimes, we as parents should allow our children to make some decisions on their own. We should be able to know by now their strengths and weaknesses. If all's well, we just stay on the sideline to provide advice and support. I'm sure they, as we had been when we were young, appreciate a parent's genuine concern.

Hi Buddha
Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my post.

I'm not an expert in parenting. I just make do along the way the best I can, learning thru trial and errors.

You have 2 young girls. Enjoy as much as you can with them. Build a strong communication bond with them. That way, you won't be left behind. When you need to be stern, by all means. When you can be a friend, please do.
They would love an easy-going mum.

All the best! Tweedly-doo ...

Haa Wenny, i'm still doing Accounting.. and in fact any knowledge will be an added advantages. You are right and I believe Nick will be very much appreciate to have a so supportive mom. I will be the same towards my Baby Moon.. =)