Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

To retire before I hit 46!
One of my 2009 resolutions. Possible? Optimistically, YES!

Optimism is one of the positive attitudes and positive thinking that are fundamental to the Law of Attraction. However, having optimism doesn't mean resting on your laurels. You still need to put into motion your actions to attract new opportunites. With 8 more months to go before I hit the number, I am constantly seeking out avenues that can help me achieve this desire at the soonest. Well, this blog is definitely one avenue for sure!

Anyway, as I was surfing the internet this afternoon, I stumbled upon this advertisement " - PTC: Get Paid To Click". Very eye-catching right? So, what next to do? Check it out, of course!

ClixSence? What is ClixSense?
From the website, it is described as a unique opportunity for me to earn extra money for FREE! I get paid to view other members advertisements and get paid for each full ad I viewed. I'd receive a monthly paycheck for this activity. By taking advantage of the ClixSense online advertising program, I can get paid for my web browsing, up to $5.00 for every 30 seconds worth of work. Hmmm ...... so if I work just 10 hours I should be getting 6k? 20 hours 12k? One month?
MoneyWow! Too good to be true ...
The income I earned will be paid directly to me every month via post. I can begin earning money immediately upon registration for an account. As of now, I've registered for a free account.

But still, some nagging questions run through my mind. So ... dear dear friends .... if anyone has got some further info or personal experience with this site, please do share it with us all.


4 Bubbles:

We have never used this, sorry wish I could give you more insight. :(
Sounds pretty good, just be cautious. ;) certainly have the right attitude! I wish more people would think like you. and your blog is inspiring! How long have you been blogging? Your terribly GOOD at it ! Betsy

Hey Betsy! Thank you very much for your compliments. Very motivating indeed! FYI, I'm a newbie ... started only in Oct'08. I'm actually stumbling along but you've just added some fuel for me to march ahead! Thanks again. :D