Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Just finished puffing and panting at the gym!
Dead tired to complete my intended post for today ...

But anyway, I'm glad my preparation towards my climb up Mount Kinabalu end of next month is still on track. I guess I'm not too worry about stamina and strength. After all, I'm at the gym almost every other day while Ray is practically 'on the run' everyday. Ha!

From all the forums and experiences shared by friends, both our worries are more on the altitude sickness. Many younger and fitter people have failed to make it to the peak. On the other hand, there are also those older and lesser than fit people who have reach to the top.

So! What say you then? We'll find out soon enough when I return from the adventure.


4 Bubbles:

Good for you! I should go to the gym today but my head is throbbing and I just don't have the motivation. Good luck with your mountain climb!

Hi there, thanks for adding me in your BC friends' list. I added you back!

You have a nice spot here, very informative posts. Keep it up my friend :)

^_^ Keep in touch!!


Hi Cascia, thanks for dropping by. Well, it's not necessary that you must hit the gym. Doing some exercises while you're doing your daily chores will also help. There's no excuse when it comes our health. Stay healthy to stay happy.

Hey Juliet
Thanks for dropping by. It's my pleasure.
Will do ... stay in touch ... that is:D