Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

It was such an enjoyable evening just now at the office! Right after work, everyone let their hair down including the bosses and enjoy a casual get-together organised by our Staff Recreation Club. It was kind of a belated 'Annual Dinner' from last year, actually!

Games were organised but we only had one going when it started to pour. Well, no one complained cos' we all got to eat earlier than planned. Everyone chomped down whatever's available heartily. There were among others, BBQ Chicken Wings, Prawns, Squids, Satay, Pasta Bolognaise and local fruits. The food was no doubt good but a little bit slow to meet the hungry queue. It was a cookout concept, BBQso some of the guys even gave pressure on the cooks by eagerly waiting right in front of the grill despite the heat and smoke!

The height of the evening was the lucky draw. There were hampers and mystery prizes for the lucky winners. Not one to be so lucky in such draws, I managed to win a small hamper this time!
Not bad .... for a start ... the next time, I'm going to attract the grand prize! At the end of the evening, no one actually left empty-handed. There were so much food left-over that most took a doggy bag home too!

A word of thanks goes out to the committee members, especially to Murni, Noor and Mimi, who had so successfully organised the event for the evening despite their own work commitments. Great work! Great team spirit!


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