Friday, January 30, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

When I was much younger, I used to love cooking. I'll cook the local favourites like 'Mutton Curry', 'Beef Rendang', 'Chicken Curry', 'Sweet & Sour Crabs', 'Ayam Pongteh', etc ....
Hope it makes everyone salivates just imaging the food ... Hungry

No doubt, I had the knack for it! But somehow, as the years go by, I realised that I've been cooking less and less ... eating out more and more. It's just too much work to go through the whole process of preparing, cooking, eat and then washing up. Not forgetting, marketing for the ingredients to begin with! It's not that I'll be cooking for a big family, it's only for the 3 of us. Like I'd always said to Ray, "To cook takes more than an hour, to eat 15 minutes and to wash up another hour!" ... no thanks! I guess it's easier to just allow someone else to cook and clean up than doing it myself. Let them have 'The Best Cook Award'.

Anyway, with the ongoing Chinese New Year celebration, many food outlets are still closed. Some may even be closed upto 10 days into the festivity. So, we've been having 'mamak' and 'malay' food for the past few days, not that we are complaning. We are a family that enjoys the diverse ethnic variety of food in our country.

However, I really don't know what came over me this morning. I cooked! Wow ... I can't believe myself. 'Pig-trotters in Soya Sauce' at that! So today ... looks like we'll be having 'home-cooked' food! Ray is preparing his favourite 'Herbal Soup' ... should be ready by now ... and I'll just heat up some pre-packed 'Otak-otak' and 'Dim Sum' to add up the dishes.


2 Bubbles:

wow! looks delicious! husband and love chicken curry especially if I'm the one who cooked :)

Hmmmmmm ...
Mouth-watering Chicken Curry!
Hehehe ... guess you'll be cooking it tomorrow?
Thanks for dropping by.