Thursday, February 12, 2009

ClixSense: Get Paid For Viewing Ads ...

MySpaceI am almost giving up on ClixSense to ever generate any sort of income for me!

After reading mixed reviews from other members, I'm still uncertain if this ClixSense will actually work for me. So far, I've only earned US$0.01 for a referral since I signed up on Jan 17. Everytime, I go to the 'Browse Ads $$', it shows 'No Clix Found - Only displaying listings matching your profile settings. There are no listings that you have not already seen.' So far, all I could do is to play the game 'ClixGrid' which is a total waste of time.

They seemed to encourage an upgrade to their premium membership at a fee of US$10 in order to allow me the full access. 'You do not have a "premium" account. You will not be able to see all listings. Upgrade to a premium account to access more advertisements. Currently there are 525 "premium-only" ads available.'

Is this some sort of gimmick to get us to part with our US$10? If there are a million surfers out there who upgrade as encouraged, I guess they'll be earning US$10 million into their coffer. Can you imagine how many surfers are out there today ... worldwide? It's even more suspicious when I read that one blogger's membership was cancelled when he raised this exact grievance in his blog.

Anyway, I have yet to make up my mind on the upgrade. If there are any friends out there, currently enjoying some decent income from ClixSense, please do spare me some advice. Is it worthwhile to carry on with this supposedly money-making avenue? US$10 is not much ... it's the fruitless waste of time that I'm very concern about.

The latest update from ClixSense mentioned that they will be launching a new product soon which is 'Get Paid For Reading Emails'. Interesting huh?


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I've never heard of ClixSense. But if they ask you to pay them before you can make any money then in my opinion it is another scam. Watch out for those they are everywhere on the internet.

You are so right, Cascia.

That's why I'm kinda in the middle right now. Sometimes, those review by bloggers might also not be genuine. Anyway, looks like you're the second person to tell me that you've never heard of ClixSense. I am also concerned about misleading my readers and friends towards this worthless effort.

Thanks for your kind advice, Cascia.

Haven't heard about it. I have not enough time to develop referral, so this kind of earning is not right for me.

Hi Sherry
Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate your feedback on ClixSense.

Hi, i am an upgraded member in Clixsense. When i upgraded i got instantly 300 ads out of the 525 available for premium members. Since then i get 8-10 ads/day. What is really good about Clixsense is their affiliate program. If you can find people who intend to upgrade to be your referrals then i suggest to go for it and become a premium member.

Hi Pandelis, thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience with Clixsense. I've about given up on this avenue already until I read your comment.

Looks like I might give it a go soon. Thanks again for sharing.