Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Law of Attraction: Attracting A Good & Vibrant Health ...

Yesterday night, I was really on a roll, checking up on as many of my friends’ blogs as possible. I popped into one, then another and another until I reached Clarisse Teagen’s blog, The Gentle Snail. I was surprised that she had not recovered from her bouts of sickness since the last time I dropped by, in fact she kinda sounded worst than before. Anyway this morning, I’m glad to hear that she has since recovered tremendously after a good night’s rest. When I first read her blog, I actually likened her blog to a breath of fresh air. So, it’s no good to hear her so badly under the weather. I hope when she reads this post, she will be able to use it to help herself towards a more vibrant health.

God gave you an incredible machine that can do miraculous things. That’s your body and mind. Like any machine, as with a car for instance, your body and mind require the constant attention to maintain its full functions for good health. Achieving a good and vibrant health is very important in life. It’s one of the keys to happiness, a feeling of contentment when your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health are in harmony.

Have you defined what kind of health you really want? How do you intend to approach your journey to a good and vibrant health?

Your mind is God’s amazing gift that allows you the ability to exert conscious control over your thoughts and emotions. The Law of attraction says that all your thoughts, the images in your mind as well as the feelings connected to your thoughts will manifest into your reality sooner or later. If you picture yourself living a healthy life and continuously think of a healthy happy life, that’s what you are going to attract. The universe will rearrange itself to deliver to you what you desire.

Your thoughts and emotions are vibrating energies that you send out into the universe. Learning to control these vibrations is important in creating or destroying whatever things that are in existence in your life right now. So, be conscious of the state of your thoughts and emotions and the related vibes you are generating. Start your approach in your journey towards a good and vibrant health by following these steps:

  • Clarity of your expected health
    If you want to be free of diabetes or heal from its damages, then your goal would be to live a life free of medication, insulin injections or a constant monitoring of your glucose level. If you want to be free of arthritis, then your goal would be to live pain free, or to be able to do whatever it is that your arthritis is keeping you from doing. Defined the goal you are looking for such as being free of cancer, having full use of an injured leg, breathing freely without the labor of asthma attacks and so on.

  • Focus on your desired goal
    Don’t dwell in your pain. Forget about the current discomfort. Look into the future. Live your life as if you have already gained the health you have always wanted. Don’t focus on how you’re going to get there. Just focus on the end result.

  • Allow it to happened through your actions
    This is an important part of the process to generate the appropriate vibrating energies to the universe. Don’t allow fear to create negative vibes in you and limit your actions. Start to listen to your own intuition and follow your instincts. When negative thoughts surface, just say "No" and create a new vision of you living a good and vibrant health.

Before the Law of Attraction can work for you, you need to realize that you are merely tapping into your own mind power to manifest your desires. You believe in that powerful gift within you to determine the way you want to live. Next, change the way you think now and live in harmony with life’s beauty like the sunrise or sunsets or the twinkling stars in the clear night skies. Enjoy every bit of your life’s journey for there’s only one chance for success. By then, you would have allowed the universe to lead you towards your desired end result.


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I love the picture and the post; they are both beautiful.

I'm my belief is torn on of the power law of attraction regarding health. I have seen both examples of being positive and feeling healthy as well as "predicting" illness to come. The problem I have is that I believe that sometimes challenges come into our life as a means to make us stronger. I don't think that it is up to us to judge what is good or bad sickness; we should alway focus on the positives in our life and hope for the best.

The problem I have is when people start assuming that the cause of their illness is their own negativity. I believe that manifesting illness with your thoughts and words can happen, as well as the opposite, I just don't believe that is always the cause.

Yeah.. I was thinking about this earlier today.
I'm so tired of being sick, I don't want to be sick.
I've decided that from tomorrow, i'm not gonna blog about sick posts anymore. Cause that's what i've been blogging for the past 1 month....
and i'm sick of writing how sick I am.

Tomorrows post has a happy tune :)

Yes Tamara, you are right. We must not assumed that all illness are due to our negative thoughts such as hereditary illness. They are one of the challenges that life throws at us to make us stronger. With positive thoughts and a clear outlook, we would be braver and more energetic to face these challenges head on, not necessarily healed but at least, to be happier and enjoy our life's journey.

Hi Clarisse
Good for you! I'm glad you are taking things in a more positive light.

Remember, much of what we imagine will become reality. I've learnt it the hard way but I've survived to be a happier and healthier person today.