Monday, February 2, 2009

Law of Attraction: Cast Away Your Worries, It’s Not Worth Having!

You want to live the life of your dreams. Me too!
You are very clear as to what you truly desire. Me too!
You know what you need to do to make it happen. Me too!
You noticed some good things happening though small. Me too!
You are waiting patiently for the bigger things to happen. Me too!
Looks like you and me have something in common. Don’t we?
By the way, why are we waiting patiently for the bigger things to happen? What’s holding back the Universe from delivering our intentions to us?

From my view point, it might be because I’m still a worry-wart! I’ve actually spent an awful lot of time worrying, worrying about my loved ones, their safety and their wellbeing. I worry about my health, what to eat and what not to eat to ensure I keep my diabetes under control. It’s all very human and sometimes seemed so harmless. But in reality, it’s self-sabotage in the works!

Worry is the child of fear. So, if we kill out fear, worry would have died for want of nourishment. Despite this age-old advice, why do we still worry? Worry never helped us accomplish anything. In fact, it stands in the way of accomplishment and attainment.

The very essence of living is DESIRE. If we earnestly desire something, we will become very interested in its accomplishment and will be quick to seize any opportunities to gain from it. Even more, we’ll influence our subconscious mind into believing the many ideas of value and importance of that desire. We’ll give it our utmost attention. The end result , we’ll spring into action and changes follow towards the path of success. But worry is not desire!

Worry, on the other hand, is a negative thought and emotion. It can be destructive in many ways. It’s a mental burden that can even cause us to grow physically sick. Worrying is not productive. Sometimes it stems from our imagination and indulging in our fears. Worrying will put your focus in the wrong direction. So, let’s not give ourselves more worries.

Let’s transmute our worries into desires. Cast out that negative intruder and take a look at the positive side of our predicaments or circumstances. It’s time to be passionate about our desires and channel every bit of our energy into achieving it. Build thoughts and feelings of confidence and hope and we’ll resonate positive energies into the universe, placing ourselves in harmony among others of similar thoughts. We’ll then attract the required aid and assistance to lead us out of whatever predicaments or circumstances we’re in.

The Law of Attraction is an immensely powerful law which can change a person’s life drastically. It’s working round-the-clock throughout our life. Twenty-four-seven, precisely. So if you want to attract whatever you truly desire, you have to change your ways and personality to allow the Law of Attraction to work for you.



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Don't worry be happy, works for me! Happpy CNY! Cheers!

I'll admit I worry way too much. I think it is just in my nature. I've tried not to worry but then I get headaches from trying to not worry. But I see how it can be negative.

Hey Pete, thanks for your kind comments.

Hi Cascia,
Don't worry that you worry too much. Like me, we can't change overnight a nature that's been there all our life. Take it easy and know that it is something you want to reduce day by day until it becomes a headaches when you do worry.

Have a beautiful stress-free day!

An inspiring article... thanks Wenny!

Hi FrankenBarry,
Thanks for following and your compliments.