Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Law of Attraction: Manifest A Long Lasting Relationship ...

i love you :] Pictures, Images and Photos It doesn't matter at all! Young or old! It's time to get excited again cos' Valentine's Day is just a few days' away. So what surprises are you cooking up for your dearly beloved this weekend? A romantic candle-lit dinner for two at a fancy restaurant or a quiet evening at home just the two of you, watching romantic classics ... Gone With The Wind or Casablanca or the more current, Revolutionary Road ... or perhaps, a massage night together at the spa.

Although the history behind Valentine's Day remains a mystery till this day, every February 14th, chocolates, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones all across the world ... all in the name of St. Valentine ... all as a gesture to express one's LOVE.

But how real is your celebrated love? Is this person really heaven-sent for you? Are the two of you really made for each other? What then, when Valentine's Day and the romantic interludes are over? Can you see the two of you weathering every challenges that life throws at you, together and still come out tops, more deeply in love than ever. If you've ever thought of it, then you must be willing to go that extra mile to make this relationship work. Start to think, speak and act in the way you want your relationship to be for the future.

It may not be easy to do that! But you can begin by looking at your life from the outside in ... as if you're someone else, a stranger, who doesn't know you at all. Then start to think what kind of person that stranger would imagine you to be. Do you like what the stranger imagined? Do you think you are the ideal mate for your sweetheart then? If it's a resounding NO ... it's time to tune yourself to the Law of Attraction, gear up and change!

In the Law of Attraction, you are always told that "like attracts like". The more you focus on what you desire, the more you attract what you desire. Even after you had focus on yourself falling in love, attracting your ideal mate and enjoying all that lovely romantic stuff until it had all fell into places, don't just stop there! Continue to focus on your growing desire ... this time for both you and your sweetheart. Focus on strengthening your bond and deepening love for each other. Send out the right intentions for the both of you and manifest the marriage of your dreams, one that is filled with passion, unconditional love, fun, excitement etc.

By the way ... who says that married couples can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day too? Making Valentine’s Day special is important for each of you to truly enjoy the day. Set aside your time specially for each other and do something different that could be memorable to each of you. Then, it will be a day to cherish even though you are married. Don't allow the romance to go way from your lives. Make every effort to love with the same romance that you experienced when you met your sweetheart for the first time. Continue to focus on maintaining and deepening your bond and love together. A marriage can be a very happy marriage if you love each other every moment and your heartbeats increase whenever you looked at each other!

To all friends and readers, enjoy a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day!


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boyfriend's working on valentine's day.
I should use this law of attraction to get him out of work huh!!
enlightening :P

I'm a great believer of the law of attraction-- even long before the bestseller "The Secret" came out. There is so much power in every thought and in every word. I have learned to embrace positivity as a way of life. Keep on spreading this wonderful news!

Thanks for dropping by my site.

Blessings to you,

Bing (a.k.a. PinkLady)(",)

Yup, it is true.
Married couples observe Valentine day as well.
Love is sweet but friendship keeps the family toghether!
Happy Valentine!

Hahaha ... cute Clarisse. I'm sure you can!:D

Hi Bing, I'm glad we share the same passion for the Law of Attraction.

Hey Buddha and Jason
Thanks for your comments. Happy Valentine's Day to the both of you.

I will be going to an "Anti Valentine's Day Party", with some other single friends and people!
LOL! It's just a fun thing that is really becoming popular among people who are unattached (mostly by choice). I did this last year, and had a great time! I prefer to stay single.... it just works for me!
Hope you and yours enjoy the big V Day! ;)

Hey there, Fitness Diva!

Good for you, I hope you will enjoy yourself this time too. Who says Valentine's Day is only for those attached.

Hmmmmm ... I guess I've left out to mentioned this in my post, yeah?

What a wonderful post. Valetine's day can be a touchy subject fro a lot of people and it was for me fro most of my life. I did not feel bitter but I did not consider it a real holiday, only a trigger of some bad memories. Laws of attraction is a new concept for me but I love he hope and the hapinees that it brings. When I started making time to enjoy myself, I was able to enjoy my best friend who is now my husband. I don't know how it works but I becoming a believer.

Thank you much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. I have not been able to post for some time and I feel really encouraged that you toke the respond.