Sunday, February 1, 2009

Law of Attraction: Why It Works For Others And Not Me?

So you know what you want. According to the Law of Attraction, when you focus your thoughts and emotions on what you want the most, it will be attracted into your life. “Like attracts like”. In a glance, it would seem that since you think about being healthy, rich, and having fulfilling lives, then you should be living happily ever after. If it is that easy, then why is not everyone enjoying such a wonderful life? Why thousands gave up quickly after making an effort that seems to produce little or no results?

Rightfully, if practice correctly, you will begin to attract into your life the abundance of what you are focusing on. However, for most people, old habits die hard. You don't focus on having those things that you desire. Instead, you focused on the fact that you don’t have those things! You focused on how much you wish you were healthy, or how much you wish you were rich, or how much you wish you were happy. These are all thoughts of lack, the lack of health, lack of money or that you are just plain unhappy now! You have to realize that these are negative thoughts that generate negative energies. And when sent out to the universe, regretfully, you’ll just receive more of these lack or whatever you desire may just take a longer time to come to you.

Now, let’s turn this situation around. Have you noticed that some people manifest everything they want? You noticed that they bring into their life as if by magic, the right people, experiences and opportunities that they want. Somehow they seem to do it so easily and effortlessly. What are they doing so differently? Well, if you are open to the Law of Attraction, then you may want to take a few steps back to understand the few basic premise that has allowed these people to do it right.

Thoughts alone do not attract your desires. It’s the energy and emotion generated by your thoughts that attracts. The speed of the manifestation is also directly related to the power of your emotional energy put into your desires. Equally important, you also need to ensure that you do not sabotage yourself by creating adverse thoughts. For instance, if you successfully send a powerful emotional intention to the universe to bring you money, and then you spend the next three days worrying about the bills, you have probably sent out far more negative vibrations about money than positive ones. Does that sound a wee bit familiar?
However, let’s say if you are able to focus on your desire and feel an excitement about it, then you will send a powerful intention to the universe. Imagine that it has happened and feel what you would feel had it happened. Imagine yourself driving that car, moving into that house or holding that money. Reinforce that over the next few days, and if you catch yourself unconsciously sending out negative intentions, stop immediately and reinforce your intention. Let go, trust in the process and don’t worry about when it will manifest. The sooner you can let go the sooner your desires will be delivered to you.

Now that you know what you’ve got to do, pick out one of your desires and work on it. Always undertake a relaxed and patient attitude throughout. Don’t worry about whether or not it will work. Don’t worry about when it will manifest. If you do, then you are just working against yourself. It may help to choose an initial desire that does not involve money or something that you need desperately now, but something that you would prefer to have. Start small. It may just be too early for you to be able to fully release yourself from your worries over the bills or any financial woes to maintain that positive intention towards your finances.

After you’ve succeeded a few times with your simpler desires, your faith in the process will allow you to move forward and work on something more important. It may not be long because manifestation can happen anytime, depending on the quality of your energy and intention. You are your worst enemy, and if something isn’t manifesting, you will always know who's the culprit.

Start a daily regimen today. Keep a positive mindset and strong positive emotions. And don't forget ... due patience! Do it right, now and reap the results the way you want it.
The Law of Attraction is a natural result of free will. You control your free will and you hold the key to choose your next move. Use it wisely, use it now. Best of luck!


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