Sunday, February 15, 2009

Law of Attraction: You Get What You Think ...

One of the toughest responsibility of human resource is to terminate an employee. Despite whatever justifications, it is always with a heavy heart to see them leave in such unfavourable circumstances.

Just last month, an employee who had served the company for 10 years was given the boot. It was unbelievable that he should end his career with the company in such manner. Whatever caused his predicament, he cannot deny that he alone must bear the full responsibility. All the others, whether directly or indirectly involved, are just contributors with similar thoughts who have harmonised with him. The universe merely moved to organise them together, paving the way for cause and effect to run its course.

Again on Friday, another employee had to be dismissed due to unsatisfactory work performance. She had been with the company for about 9 months now but despite repeated counselling, she had not made any concerted efforts to grow along the company's expectations. It's sad!

These days, talks of the imminent economic slump is practically everywhere. Everyone seems to have something to share about it. The majority prefers to lament about it, worrying about the challenges that may be coming their way. This is just a plain invitation for the worst for themselves!

Personally, I feel this should the time to start reconsidering what are our priorities in life and take the cue to transform ourselves. For those still with a job to hold onto, don't get complacent. Re-engineer yourselves to stay ahead, fully energised positively to face any challenges. For the unfortunate who had already been laid-off, don't sit around lamenting about your plight. Channel your attention and energy into expressing gratitude. Through an appreciation of your NOW, you will then be able to reinvent for a better future. Where you focus your attention, your energy flows and the results will be as you think it to be.

Anyway, while I was reading up on the internet to improve my knowledge on the Law of Attraction, I came across this article The Law of Attraction at Work - If You Think You Can & You Think You Can't, You're Right which I found to be an ideal read with regards to the global obsession about the economic climate and the varying degrees of anxieties over the loss of employment.

Dear friends and readers, I hope you'll enjoy this above article written by Madisen Harper, a career consultant and author.


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that was one tough job! and I feel sad for those that were to exit the company in not so nice way.

thanks for sharing this post and the link as well!