Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I must!
I must share this proof of the Law of Attraction at work!
It's fresh ... something that just happened 2 hours' ago!
Of course, it is not something positive ... but rather regretfully, negative.

Nick is currently undertaking driving lessons to obtain his driving licence. As usual, maternal anxieties goes into overdrive ... I worry about his safety when he starts driving on his own imminently. Then as usual ... with all impressionable youngsters, he expresses great hopes to have his own car upon obtaining his driving licence.

No! No! No! He has to share 'My Kembara' for at least a year!
My reason ... when he bumps or scratches or dents the car, I won't feel so much pain, cos' it's an old car. We were just talking about it again this morning on our way to church. In a way, I guess I've already set in my mind that he will probably condemn my car to the junkyard.

As I was sending him to work at the local gym just awhile ago, a lady in a BMW gave my bumper ... my unblemished bumper ... a kiss! We were at a roundabout, waiting for the oncoming cars to clear. Where or what was she looking at since obviously she had not been paying attention to the front! Fortunately, it's just a bumper to bumper, nothing too serious.

Well, there goes to show "like attracts like" ... I had focused my attention on the negative and the negative is what I get!
Shy Whistler Ouch!!!


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ouch! it's just a motherly carer that you worry but when it actually stick into your mind sometimes it happens..or rather most of the time...just think positive!