Friday, February 20, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

It's Friday Nick had to leave for the church's Emmaus Weekend today at 2.15 pm. A weekend retreat arranged by the church for young Catholics reaching adulthood, in order to prepare them for the Sacrament of Confirmation on 24 May 2009. I just realised it's a day after his 18th Birthday. This weekend will be an important time for him to appreciate the gospel values and attitudes and to understand the needs of today's Christians. Nick'll be incommunicado for the next 3 days because he's not allowed to bring his handphone ... neither are the participants allowed any other gadgets ... no mp3 ... no mp4 ... no psp or anything of the likes.
I hope this weekend retreat will do him alot of good, preparing him towards a Catholic life. Dropped him off quite early just now ... at about 1.35 pm.

Before dropping him off at the church, we had a hearty family lunch at a nice cafe just next door to the church called 'Pick n Brew'. This is my 3rd visit to the cafe and the first for Ray & Nick. For this month of February, they are having a pasta promotion where any order from the pasta menu will entitled you to a complimentary coffee, tea or iced-lemon tea. Ray who decided to join us only at the last minute, had reached about 10 minutes earlier and ordered the Angelhair Marinara. As I normally do, Nick will be convinced by me to order the food of my choice and this time it's the Spaghetti Vongole. Myself ... I had Penne Carbonara but ended up exchanging it with Nick half-way through.

Arghhhhhh! I'm still so full from that heavy lunch!
Not to mention that I've been feeling very very sleepy since lunch time!
That's exactly why I always skipped lunch ..
Now I think I'll probably have to skip dinner ...


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