Saturday, February 7, 2009 Get Paid When You Socialize ...

Are you getting paid just to socialize on the net?
If you are, fine. If you're not, caught your attention?

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to join a new social networking platform, Sceptical that it's just one of those scams to trick you into joining, I ignored the invitation until a couple of weeks back when I wanted to clear my Yahoo inbox. After looking around abit ... ahhhhh ... what the heck! Just sign-up and see if it is of any help for me to earn some decent earning over the net. It's free to join and use. So if it really does work, it's a low risk and fun way to make some money.

Launched in mid-2007, their membership count is growing at an impressive rate. As of this writing, there is close to a million registered members with more sign-ups daily. When you sign up, you get a profile with a unique url address where you can post pictures and blogs as often as you'd like.

Is it really possible to get paid to use a social network?
Well, that's what was promised by Yuwie or more so by its founder Korry Rogers, who says he will give members more than half of the site's advertising revenue - just for logging on and inviting their friends.

Yuwie is quite similar to the Facebook and MySpace networks with a unique selling point where it promises to "share wealth" with its members. Its members get paid every time they log on, send a message, upload a picture or invite someone to join. If someone refers their friends, who subsequently refer their friends, right through to 10 levels, that one person will most probably collect a percentage of advertising revenues from Yuwie. That person's earning could potentially add up a few thousands per month. So, the more people visit your page, the more page views, you get a percentage of. Yuwie has also taken a step further with referrals, letting you get a percentage of money from the activity of any friends you've invited to the service, along with their friends, and people who their friends have invited. Theoretically, seems a very simple and beneficial scheme to reward members for just doing what they are already doing.

So far, I do not know if there's any catch. But as with any sign-ups to any other sites claiming to provide us with the platform to make money online, it's best to do your own research to get the whole story before jumping in with both feet to avoid any disappointment.


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Wow, it is hard to believe. Thanks for the nice sharing ;p

Oh Yeah another social network for me to explore. lol :)

I always come across to this site "Yuwie" but I haven't tried it yet.. I've been wanting to check that out but I always forgot.. lol