Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Law of Attraction: Can We Change Our Karma?

"What goes around, comes around” or “Don’t do unto others what we don’t want others to do unto us” … this is the doctrine of fate, the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma is simple and straightforward. It has been around for thousand of years and is known to many different cultures and religions. According to the Law of Karma, for every act that’s done, no matter how insignificant it is, it shall eventually be returned to the doer with the equal impact, that is ‘good will be returned with good, evil with evil’. It defines that nothing happens to a person that he or she does not already deserve. Karma can be referred as the ‘moral law of cause and effect’. It encourages one to do good and avoid evil. Everything we do intentionally, either good or bad, will bring reward or retribution, and nobody else can experience on our behalf the joy or suffering resulting from our behaviour. Therefore, the Law of Karma teaches one to take responsibility for their actions.

The Law of Attraction is the same as this law of cause and effect. Karma may often be seen as a punishment for something bad one has done in our past life. On the other hand, the Law of Attraction, is to many a way to get whatever we want. We simply attract into our life whatever we think or focus our thoughts on, irrespective good or bad. According to this Law of Attraction, our mind shapes our surrounding so that we create our own future according to what we hold in our mind.

So, whether it is the Law of Karma or the Law of Attraction that you believe in, they work together. They will attract to us the results of our very own actions.

We are all creatures of the Infinite Being, GOD, who resides within each and everyone of us, allowing us the abilities to create the reality we live in … what we think, how we think and how we balance all the thoughts meandering within our mind. Karma is the habitual and repetitive thoughts that recreates the same energies and vibrations over and over again. This habitual thoughts become laid into our subconscious mind that generates our spontaneous reactions … in simple words, our actions comes from our thoughts!

The basic fundamentals to life is that we are ourselves responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven or our own Hell. We are the creator of our own Fate! The karma we experience is the mere reflection of our dominant vibrations which are the combination of our expectations, limitations and beliefs.

Believe it or not, we can change our own karma by changing our vibrations! The Law of Attraction works as an effective tool to change our karmic factors whether favourable or otherwise, as long as we are willing to change our attitude and overcome them with diligence and discipline.


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So many people focus upon the "bad" side of Karma, without giving much thought to the "good" that can come from Karma also.

Change usually occurs through discomfort. What your post brings to mind is the fact of self-regulation; the thought that we're all capable of reinforcing those "good" elements of our nature, and in turn, foster greater good, overall.

Excellent post. It made me feel good just reading it.


Thank you, William.
I'm glad you are agreeable with my opinion.

Hi Wenny,

I like how you've related karma to the law of attraction...what goes around, comes around. The thing is, a positive thought is 10 times more powerful than a negative one. So using this principle, when we're coming from a place of love and service to others, what comes back in ten-fold.

Interesting and fresh approach Wenny!

You know it's so motivating to hear the 10-fold rewards for just being positive. I just don't get it why we are always habitually sucked into being negative.

Thanks for the wonderful reminder, Miki.

Hi Wenny,
Great post.
It's true for nothing reason we always put our focus on "may be if some thing worng happen" but if we put the same focus on if something good happens life will be a fairy tale and we can live happily ever after. You have related karma and law of attraction very well.
If not anything else I will try to focus on this point that friends like you remain with me forever who will boost me up and fill my world with vibration of love .
Your friend always.

Hi there, AlwaysWinner
I'm so glad you are agreeable with my entry. I'm also honoured to be your friend.

Let's motivate each other's vibes towards the positive and live HAPPY!

God Bless You!