Friday, March 20, 2009

Law of Attraction: The Choices Of Words We Use ...

The Law of Attraction is all about putting out positive vibrations to the universe to attract all that we desire. Positive vibrations comes from our positive thoughts and emotions. No doubt the Law of Attraction may not be about words but the fact remains that positive affirmations can help us generate the positive thoughts and emotions. Positive affirmations come from the choices of our words.

Words create images in our mind which trigger our feelings. Whether we are aware or not, the positive and negative effect of words can have rippling effects on us and the people around us. When we use the word “Christian”, we immediately see an image of the cross or the church. It triggers a positive feeling of godliness. However, when we use the word “Swastika”, another word will immediately come to mind, “Nazi”, which triggers a negative feeling of war and holocaust. Our words and thoughts can either work for us or against us! We should always exercise care on the choices of words we utter daily.

Everyday, we are persistently deluge with negative words in our conversations, judgements, opinions and beliefs. “I can’t do it”, “I won’t win”, “I don’t have enough”, “I can’t change” etc. Speaking ills of others when relationships turned sour or out of anger during a raging mood or gossiping etc, aren’t we all guilty of repeated negative expressions at some points of our life?

Negative words direct our mind to focus only on the bad or the ills or the inescapable doom we faced. We shut our mind within the difficulty or away from the reality of the situation. According to the Law of Attraction, like attract like, we just attract more of DOOM! Let’s not dwell too much on the negativity of our choices of words in this entry. Let’s break the habit! Let’s turn our choices of negative words into positive ones. Use positive words to our advantage to create positive images and feelings in our daily life.

When we change our habit to consistently use positive words in our daily life, we will change the way we feel and think. It will eventually change the way we respond to any predicaments or situations. When we are happy, we build positive thoughts and emotions.

Positive Words ► Positive Images ► Positive Feelings ► Positive Actions ► Positive Rewards ► HAPPY LIFE!

Change the way we use words in our life to maintain the harmony for our body, mind and spirit, and the Law Of Attraction will work better and easier for us. We should exercise the ability to control our mind and be selective on the choices of our words. We must learn to view things with compassion as we are all not perfect and are likely to make mistakes. When we developed the habit to express positively, we will liberate ourselves to find JOY, PEACE, HAPPINESS and subsequently SUCCESS.

Here’s a short guide to maintain positive words and thoughts in our daily life:


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