Monday, March 9, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Dear Friends and Readers …

While I was away recently, attempting to scale the highest peak in Southeast Asia, Blogger made an announcement that they had integrated the Blogger Following with Google Friend Connect. Friend Connect encourages readers to use one account (whether it’s a Google account, a Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account) to follow any site, irrespective it’s a Blogger blog, a WordPress blog or any other site that has incorporated Friend Connect. Each site that a follower joins will show up on their Friend Connect profile.

Upon my return last week, I noticed that some of my followers had disappeared from my blog. I was naturally saddened and thought that they were no longer interested in following my blog. I was surprised when Vishal of FR0Z3N DESIRES and Latent Aura messaged me to asked why I’ve suddenly left his blogs. Subsequently, Amelia of Thoughts Running On My Mind also enquired about hers.

Today, with a little suggestion from Vishal to re-do my following, I finally discovered the reason behind our missing followers. It seemed during the integration with Google Friend Connect, Blogger had reset the setting for our blog followings to default as ‘Anonymously’ instead of ‘Publicly’. You can read their explanation at Blogger Buzz.

Light BulbIf you are also having the same problem as Vishal, Amelia and myself, you will need to immediately check on the setting to the blogs you are currently following. You will notice that most of the following would have been changed to ‘Anonymously’ instead of your previous ‘Publicly’. Just reset accordingly and everything should be back to normal.

So … my dear dear friends, readers and followers who may not be aware of this problem … please check your setting soon … at least I’ll be most happy to know that you still find my blog worthy of your following.

Vishal and Amelia, I am sure you will be able to see my return as your blog followers by now. I just spent the past half-hour, undoing what Blogger had done to my settings.


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thanks Wenny for that explanation and notes :) yes I noticed that your profile is again in my blog :)) at least we know now!!!

thanks thanks!!!