Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Yesterday, one of the local newspapers highlighted the story of a man’s desperate attempt to win back his estranged wife in public. By his own admission, apparently he had cheated on her thrice and despite her initial forgiveness, she had subsequently caught him again unrepentant. She had decided that enough is enough and abandoned him and their two kids, aged 3 and 1, two weeks ago.

Salesman, Kelvin Ng who made his first public attempt at another popularly crowded area a week ago, had knelt down in front of a popular shopping mall for 10 hours, with banners and a poster saying “I Love You Lee Sook Chin”. He claimed that “I am doing my best to rescue this marriage and the whole world will be my witness.”

Click here to read the full article in the newspaper.

To my surprise, this morning he was invited to the ‘Pagi Show’ on my favorite radio channel, Fly FM. Obviously, the radio channel is trying to capitalize on the brouhaha and be the fix-it channel. I am so disappointed with them, just for the want of more listeners. Furthermore, this man had used the radio channel to turn the table on his wife, claiming his wife is cheating on him. That she had left him for an ex-boyfriend. He took the opportunity to wash his dirty linen in public, all at the expense of his kids and wife. To resort to such callous action, does he really love his wife as he had earlier claimed? What was his original motive when he knelt down in public?

What a JOKE! This man is obviously ‘a wolf under a sheep’s skin’, trying to gain public sympathy for himself. Is he doing this for his kids or his wife or … is this his ‘SWEET REVENGE’ on his wife for standing up to him and throwing in the towel? We won’t know the truth, would we? The other party had been silent and requested to be left alone. So far, we are only hearing his side of the story. So let's not JUDGE her!

Mr. Kelvin Ng … please get a life! Whether your wife is as bad as you have painted her to be or otherwise … FACE IT! She doesn’t want anything to do with you any longer. RESPECT her decision! Need be, go get that divorce you had mentioned on radio!

Please have a place in your heart for your kids. Give them your utmost attention, since they no longer have their mother to care for them. Be a MAN! Stop this NONSENSE now!


2 Bubbles:

Probably he turn the table and let the story turn 360 because he never thought that his wife has the bones to leave him...hahahaha!!! shame on him and to the other guys who thought women can not stand on their own...

I really don't understand how a man can claim to love his wife dearly, but yet bat no eyes to betray her ... ??? ...