Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

The waiting was finally over on 12 March 2009 when the SPM results were released to all the Form 5 students of the local secondary schools. Their 3-month honeymoon is now over! With the results in hand, each of these students can now decide which career path to take and ... it's back to school or off to college!

Ray and myself heaved a huge sigh of relief when our 'not-so-perfect' angel, Nick managed to obtain at least 6 credits ... one credit more than the minimum requirement to pursue a degree in any of the local private colleges. We were never hopeful that he will achieve any A's but nonetheless, we are still proud of his achievement. We were also surprised that he had decided to pursue a degree in business and marketing. Looking at his character ... marketing does seem so suited for him. Well thought, Nick!

We did some final assessment on a few popular colleges at an education fair yesterday. We have yet to make up our minds, but it looks more likely than not Nick will be studying at KDU College, taking up a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management to major in Marketing. The other choice is Metropolitan College. Both will be a 4-year course graduating with an international degree but the latter will only be a general degree. Irrespective which of the 2 colleges he's heading, we will have to be prepared to fork-out some RM60-70k for his whole course. Well, I believe every parents would have been prepared for this!

Anyhow, no matter how his SPM results could have turned-out, I'm just so glad that we've managed to glide through another phase in Nick's journey of life ... a journey to adulthood ... a journey that will let him cement his strong foundation in life ... a journey for him to build his own identity in this world ... and ultimately a successful future for himself and his family.

Congratulations Nick on your achievement in your SPM examinations!


2 Bubbles:

Congrats on your son Wenny and good luck on the career!!!

Thank you very much, Amelia.
I'm already envisioning him on graduation day. :)