Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow is a Mystery,
and Today is a gift;
that's why we call it, the Present ...

It's as if only yesterday that I held a cute little baby boy in my arms, holding him firmly as not to let him fall, protecting him from harm's way ... feeling ever so proud whenever any stranger does give him a second look!

Tomorrow ... I see a proud young man, standing tall in his graduation robe and mortarboard with a scroll in hand on his graduation day.

Beyond that, I could see a family man with a big smile, carrying a toddler in his arms while a pretty young woman with equally big smile, wraps her arm around his. It only remains a mystery as to who that lucky young woman could be.

Today, that cute little baby has turned into a handsome young man, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, looking for his place to stamp his mark in this world. Today is the gift that the Law of Attraction has orchestrated for us through our longings and dreams.

As much as we would like to allow Nick to make his own choice about his future studies, being a concern parent who knows him far more better than he knows himself, his choice of pursuing a degree in busines and marketing seemed to be way over his head. It worries me as to how he would cope with subjects that he doesn't even like while in school. Accounting? ... Mathematics? ... Business Law ???

I tried to convince him towards pursuing a degree in information technology or computing, which would have been a much better choice considering that he is more of a visual and a hands-on person, rather than an academic.

Alas, we'll have the best of both worlds ...
Nick has just enrolled into college last weekend to pursue a degree in business computing. While he gets to study for the course of his choice, I get my wishes fulfilled too. Come Monday, Nick will be starting his orientation session at the college. It just doesn't need believng ...

The Law of Attraction works ... may not be in the exact terms as we may desire it to be ... but it works!


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Oh, Wenny, you make me sad and happy at the same time! As I watch my own children grow up, it's such an exciting and wonderful experience that I try to savor every day...but each milestone is one step closer to their independence from us, their parents. That's the ultimate goal of course, but I wish the time wouldn't fly by so quickly! Wonderful post today. :-D

Congrate, your kid success to get into college.

Just drop by to say hello. :D

Hi Angie, I guess this must be the hazards of being parents. They grow up so fast, just a blink of the eyes, suddenly ... wow! they are all grown-up already!

Anyhow, thru learning the Law of Attraction, I've come to terms with the time lost and learn to appreciate the moment more. In doing so, I've come to realise that my son is indeed a very independent and well-behaved boy, a side of him which I've taken for granted to really notice.

Hello, Stephen.
Thanks for dropping by and you kind wishes.