Friday, April 17, 2009

Law of Attraction: Instilling Positive Communication ...

Communication is a very powerful God-given tool. It allows us to get connected with all the people around us. Family, friends and business associates. The ability to master our communication skill in the most effective way will enable us to obtain almost anything we want. However, if it’s used wrongly, it can also destroy whatever we have. There is no better way to communicate then to practice truthful communication i.e. communicating with your heart.

We can apply the Law of Attraction to create a positive and effective connection with others. Visualize ourselves as a good conversation partner and see ourselves as someone with whom people would like to talk to. Feel the experience of pleasant conversation and communication in our visualization. After a few session of visualization, we will become more confident as our subconscious mind starts to attract more suitable circumstances that will allow us to improve our communication skill.

When communicating with others, it is important for us to remember to observe the following as much as possible:-

  1. Communicate openly, with honesty in our heart. A truthful person will deserve respect and admiration. People can easily detect when we are superficial.

  2. Express ourselves with only kind words. Remember how the of rippling effect offensive words can have on our emotions so as to avoid triggering any hurt, anger or hostility that only wastes our energy.

  3. Try to use simple words that are easily understood, irrespective it is verbal or written. It’s easier for our listeners to create the images in their mind.

  4. Use body gestures that convey our confidence and sincerity. Maintain eye contact during conversations to convey our interest while a firm handshake denotes confidence.

  5. Be quick to apologise for our mistakes. Resolve any disagreements or misunderstandings at the soonest.

Communicating effectively is a matter of emotions. Be tactful towards our kins, friends and acquaintances. People will always appreciate our consideration for their feelings and well-being, thus creating pleasant conversations. These are crucial habits to master in order to allow the Law of Attraction to work for us. Things in our life will start to change for the better only if we begin to change our positively.


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